Traditional Leaders on Tour: Day 2

Day Three of the tour, saw the traditional leaders from Southern Sudan travel to Durban, South Africa.

The purpose for the trip to Durban was to meet the Zulu King on the next day.


At the meeting on Day Four of the tour, the King Zweletini of the Zulu congratulated his colleagues and the representatives of his colleagues. He welcomed the Kings and the traditional leaders to the province (Kwa-Zulu Natal) and to South Africa. He called the meeting a historical occasion. He thanked the Sudanese delegation for including women in the delegation.

The King spoke about HIV/AIDS; he called it one of the biggest wars taking place in Africa. He encouraged traditional leaders to play a bigger role in the fight against the disease.

He also spoke about cultural revival and how he had revived the annual reed dance in his province.

He stated that in November he was planning to invite all the kings of Africa to South Africa to see what they contribute to development in the continent. He invited the Kings from Southern Sudan to attend this meeting.

The meeting ended with the presentation of gifts from the Zulu king to the Sudanese traditional leaders.

After lunch with the King, the delegation headed back to Pretoria.

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