Foreign Troops are GoNU, UN Responsibility

The Deputy Chairman of the Southern Sudan Democratic Forum, Mr. Mayom Kuoc Malek, said his party’s view on the transition of the African Union Mission in Sudan to the United Nations is dependent on the Government of National Unity (GoNU) and the United Nations (UN). “Negotiations between GoNU and the UN are still on-going and we expect them to reach amicable solution on the issue,” he asserted.

He said that the national Congress Party (NCP) rejected the entrance of UN troops to the Sudan while the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement accepted but that his party is of the opinion that such views should have been discussed by the partners instead of going to the press.

Talking to the press Thursday, Malek, who is also State Minister at the Federal Irrigation Ministry, said, “On behalf of the leadership authority and the entire membership of South Sudan Democratic Forum, we pause and commemorate the death of the former First Vice President of Sudan and President of the Government of South Sudan and SPLM leader, Dr. John Garang de Mabior. He died together with some of his comrades in a helicopter crash at the Ugandan-Sudanese border on July 30, 20005. May the Almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace.”

He said, “One year on in the life of the interim period, it is important, it is important to pause and assess how we have moved on with the implementation of the CPA and review the current political situation in our country.”

On the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), he said large part of it has been implemented by the principal parties except for Abyei Protocol, the South-North border demarcation as it stood on January 1, 1956 and others. “The South-North border demarcation is absolutely necessary because it is not controversial. It is a job technocrats can do without difficulties. The Abyei Protocol resolved the Abyei conflict. The controversy over the Abyei Border Commission (ABC) can best be resolved through the four points agreed upon by the last NCP-SPLM joint leadership meeting,” Malek explained.

He said the South Sudan Democratic Forum supports the current Darfur Peace Agreement and urges the holdouts of the Agreement to join the peace process and that the Forum also supports the resolution of the conflict in Eastern Sudan through the on-going peace negotiations.

He said the Forum and the principal parties to the CPA and all other political forces, which subscribe to and support the CPA, should adopt the CPA as the main part of their political programmes during the remaining part of the interim period. This is “our personal view on the road map to the South Sudan’s self-determination referendum,” he said.

He also said the Government of South Sudan with Southern States should develop and implement a sustainable service provision, development and security all over South Sudan. “A united and strong SPLM committed to the CPA road map leading to South Sudan’s referendum, should avoid unnecessary factionalization in its ranks” as “it will not serve the interests of the people of South Sudan,” he reiterated.

Malek said the best way to achieve the unity of the people of South Sudan and the unity of the other armed groups with the SPLM is through dialogue. He recommended reconciliation and healing as the necessary process to be followed by South Sudan in order to bring about political stability in the region and in the whole Sudan.

He had earlier explained the genesis of the South Sudan Democratic Forum saying it “was founded in exile, in London, UK, in the year 2001 to lobby and campa

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