Sudanese Ruling Party Shows Cohesion Around Second Vice President

July 8, 2006 (KHARTOUM) — Second Vice-President Osman Taha who arrived Friday night resumed Saturday his duties at his office at the Republican Palace following a three-week vacation in Istanbul, Turkey, in a way to show unity and cohesion among the leadership of the ruling National Congress party.

Ali Osman TahaTaha was briefed on the Eastern Sudan peace talks’ preparation by the head of the governmental team for negotiations with the Eastern Front, Mustafa Osman Ismail. The presidential advisor informed the vice president on the content of the Declaration of Principles and the ceasefire agreement signed with rebels.

He also received the minister of national defence, Maj-Gen Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein who enlightened him on the security arrangements and coordination with SLM-Minawi faction which signed the Darfur peace Agreement with the Sudanese government last may.

The minister said the plan to disarm the Janjaweed militias will be presented to the African Union Saturday 8 July. Hussein said Sudanese troops have arrived in Hamrat al-Shaykh in Northern Kordofan State and that a security plan to defend it has been put in place.

Taha discussed with the Energy and Mining Minister Awad al-Jaz, means to develop mining industy in the country and directed al-Jaz to study Turkish experience in this field.

All these media covered meetings are orchestrated in a manner to deny rumours on Taha’s differences with Bashir and to show a coherent party.

Rumors circulated in Khartoum about his differences with the Sudanese president and his possible resignation or dismissal. The two men have different positions on the question of the deployment of the Blue helmets in the war-torn region of Darfur.

Taha, accompanied by the members of his family, was received at Khartoum International airport Friday night by the minister of national Defense, Lt. Gen Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein, and minister of presidential affairs, Gen Bakri Hassan Salih and number of ministers.


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