Chief’s Killer Executed In Wau Prison

Dok Macuei Marer , 24 years old who was on a death row in Wau Prison for killing the Paramount Chief of Lakes state's Rumbek East county, Apareer Chut Dhuol was on Wednesday Executed.

By Gabriel Mayom
WAU, June 18, 2015 [Gurtong] -Late Chief Chut Dhuol was gunned down in August 2014 in Pacong Payam about 20km from Rumbek Central County in what is believed to have been a revenge killing for the death of the late   nParamount Chief Maker Mabor, who was murdered in 2002.
On Wednesday at 4pm local time, Dok was executed in Wau prison.  
Nine other traditional chiefs have been murdered in Lakes state since 1987 to 2014, including five in Cueibet County and four in Rumbek East County.
 Majok Derder was assassinated in Akot at Majok-nguek village in Rumbek East County in 1987.
Rilpuou Alambeny Goljok Mamer was unintentionally killed by his own cousins during fighting at the Aghar cattle camp in December 1995.
 Michaek Manyuong Makoi Machuar was assassinated at the Aguet cattle camp in December 1995 in retaliation for Mamer’s death.
 Daniel Ater Acuoth Akek was assassinated in his home village of Akur Dou in Cueibet County.
 Mangok Majok Reech was assassinated in Cueibet County’s Abyeicok village.
Maker Mabor Maker Riak was murdered in June 2002 in Rumbek East county’s Pacong payam(district).
 Marial Mamur Makec was murdered in May 2006 in the Rumbek East county of Akot payam.
 Jok Dau Kachuol was killed in 2010 by the South Sudanese army (SPLA) during a disarmament campaign inside Cueibet town alongside other prominent family members.
 Apareer Chut Dhuol Mathiang was recently assassinated in his home town of Pacong on 5 August 2014.


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