Lakes State Politician, Dr Peter Nyot Kok Passes Away

Authorities in Rumbek, the capital of Lakes state are waiting to receive the body of late Dr Peter Nyot Kok who died in Germany after a long battle of illness.

By Gabriel Mayom

Rumbek, 03 July 2015 [Gurtong]- Dr. Peter Nyot Kok was a politician and son of Lakes state from Rumbek Central County.

Dr. Kok is a senior member of the ruling party the SPLM in the political bureau level.

He served as the Minister of Higher Education in Khartoum in the Government of National Unity after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005. 

Rumbek Central County lawmaker, David Kockedhe Puondak described him as a great man.

Puondak said that “the permanent politician is a great man Dr. Peter Nyot Kok whom we heard passed away from Germany.” He added that “everyone is waiting for the body of Dr. Kok to be laid to rest in Rumbek.”


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