Aweil Centre Residents Celebrate 4th Anniversary Of South Sudan’s Independence Amidst Fears

Residents of Aweil Centre County in Northern Bahr el Ghazal turned out in big numbers to celebrate South Sudan’s 4th Anniversary today at the County’s capital, Aroyo despite Tuesday’s rebels’ attack at the local market.

By Agoth Abraham

AROYO, July 9, 2015 [Gurtong] - Hundreds of thousands, mainly youth, children and women of the area gathered to commemorate the independence.

According to the County Commissioner, William Ajonga, despite fears among residents, they still turned up in big numbers to celebrate their country’s historical event to show love to the nation.

“They turned up in large numbers like this because this shows that these residents love their country and will not be restricted not to come simply because of the attack. They were really sure that the SPLA was doing its work in protecting their lives just like how they immediately intervened during the incident.” William said.

The Commissioner said despite the previous fears of possible attacks or looting of their properties, they returned back to their homes and continued with their normal activities.

“As some were in fear not knowing whether rebels will return anytime for more lootings, they convinced themselves to come back and continue with what they wanted to be doing. But those fears are still in some people’s minds but we gave them our assurance of safety.” He added.

Ujieth Kolo, a resident of Aroyo whose shop was looted two days ago said his safety comes first before his property.

“I know it is bad and it is stuck in some people’s minds to remember that lost some oroperty or properties you had for business. But to me it is a different thing. From my perspective because I believe that I had luck from God, I will again find those that I lost again in the nearest future as long as I live.” He said.

Unconfirmed number of rebels on Wednesday attacked residents at the local market of Aweil Centre County, getting away with some food items and medicines.

During the looting or alleged attack, at least four people were injured.


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