SPLM Secretary General Assumes Office

Pagan Amum assumed the office of Secretary-General for the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement on Monday following his reinstatement to this position by the Chairman of the Party Salva Kiir Mayardit.

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA, 14th July 2015 [Gurtong]- Pagan Amum was reinstated back to his previous position in June as Secretary General in accordance with the Arusha agreement to end the on-going conflict in South Sudan.

On his first day in office, members of the SPLM General Secretariat, and former detainees were present in Juba to welcome him.

Dr. Ann Itto, the Deputy SPLM S.G and former Acting Party Secretary General said Pagan Amum will now resume his duties as the Secretary General of the SPLM.

“Today as we welcome comrade Pagan, we also expect him to bridge us but most importantly to brief us on the team he is going to lead and the people whom he is going to serve on behalf of the SPLM” said Dr. Itto.

“With the presence of Comrade Pagan, will also mark the beginning of the future of this Country, we cannot change the past, we can only focus by changing the future to the better live for our future” she added.

On his part the SPLM S.G, Pagan Amum Okiech his coming back is an opportunity for change and a new beginning of forgiveness for the sake of South Sudan.

“From today like the chairman said is the opportunity for a change and a new beginning of forgiveness and embracing one another in order to move our country forward” said Pagan.

“Today I return to the SPLM Secretariat in implementing the resolution of the last SPLM National Liberation Council (NLC) that revoked its decision taken on the 14th of December 2013 that dismissed the S.G then the new resolution reinstating the S.G” he said.

He called on all SPLM members to unite and reform for the sake of the people of South Sudan.

“Let us all work to end this war, unite and reform the SPLM, to achieve the ideals of peace and unity for our people so that our people can live in peace and harmony as we articulate in our national anthem” said Pagan.

After the reinstatement of the former SPLM Secretary General in his former position now what remains is for the public to see whether the SPLM will reform itself.

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