Aweil Stars Football Club Crowned 2015 Champions

After beating Al Salam FC during the penalties on Saturday at Freedom Square in Aweil, Aweil Stars FC became the new champions of South Sudan Cup winners.

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, July 21, 2015 [Gurtong]-This came after the end of the 90 minutes with no goals from both sides. The two teams after being given extra time of 30 minutes neither scored no goal making them go for the penalties to determine the winners.

Aweil stars won 4 of their penalties while their opponents the former champions Al Salam secured only 3 of their penalties out of the 5 shots made.

While addressing the spectators in Aweil on Saturday after the match, the Acting Caretaker Governor, Salva Chol Ayat urged the residents to embrace sports as a symbol of unity and peaceful coexistence. He encouraged the players to use every sports opportunity in prospering for development and peace among the youth.

He further emphasized on development happening in the sports field especially for Northern Bahr el Ghazal as the State’s main stadium is fully fenced.

This is the first time for Aweil Stars to be crowned Champions of the clubs’ first division in the State.

Beating the four times champions; Al Salam gave hopeto the rest of the clubs which are still aiming higher to participate in the national competition soccer.


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