Twic East County Head Office Officially Opened In Panyagor

Hundreds of people from Twic East County and State officials turned out to commemorate the inauguration of Twic East County’s head-office in Panyagor on Saturday.

By Jacob A. Jok

BOR, 26 July 2015 [Gurtong] – Construction of the County’s head-office was initiated by the current Commissioner, Twic East politicians and support from the State government.

The construction of the head-office cost 700,000 South Sudanese pounds to complete.

Twic East County Commissioner, Dau Akoi Jurkuch said that the inauguration of his office is a great victory for Twic Community because since independence, there has been no construction of government institution in the County.

The Commissioner said since the comprehensive peace agreement that ended the civil war in 2015, the administration of Twic East County was operating in the Jonglei cannel building which was contructed in the 70s because there was no other structure set up for the County administration to operate its activities.

The Governor of Jonglei State, John Kong Nyuon said development should not be stopped because of the war.

Kong encouraged local communities to adapt peace and work for development.

“I thank the Commissioner of Twic East for this initiative. It is good if money contributed goes into development like this, without misuse,” John Kong said.

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