Farmers’ Groups in Kapoeta North County Receive Agriculture Funds

KAPOETA, June 13 (Gurtong) – Six farmers’ groups in Kapoeta North County on Wednesday, 10 June, received 11,000 Sudanese Pounds each from an international development organisation to support agricultural production.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

The Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA) donated a total of 66, 000 Sudanese Pounds to the six groups to enable them purchase essential farming materials such as seeds, agricultural tools as well as for other expenses in a bid to boost agricultural production in the area.

The six farmers groups are from Lomeyan, Lokwamor, Paringa, Najie, Korkomuge and Chumakori payams.

An agricultural specialist at NPA Sudan Program, Eluzai Logonda, said that though the NPA had previously been operating in the country, after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) 4 years ago, it drew up a 5-year strategic plan to combat poverty and reduce dependency rate by 10 percent among South Sudanese.

He added that with funds from the Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF), the NPA started to implement its 5 - year plan last year with an aim of supporting and training farmers to enhance agriculture productivity across the south.

“This initiative aims at filling the gap left by the two decades of the Sudan civil war that led to economic stagnation”, Logonda added.

Logonda said that the funds will go towards supporting micro-projects by Community- Based Organisations as well as farmers’ groups or any organised farming groups including groups of individuals or families.

He said that each state has been allocated 10 micro- projects and so far five out of 10 micro- projects have successfully been completed in Eastern Equatoria State.

He added that the programme will be extended to the other states of Central Equatoria, Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity depending on availability of funds.

The acting Kapoeta North County Commissioner, Mr Tito Abbas Lomoro welcomed the kind gesture by the NPA and urged the farmers to work hard since they now had the necessary funds to facilitate their activities.

The coordinator for Kapoeta Development Initiative (KDI), one of the beneficiary CBOs, Mr Marko Lokidor, expressed his commitment to achieving the set goal and thanked the NPA for the support.

“Now that we have received funding, we are not going to start celebrating now, but we will do so after we attain the final product and sustainability of our project”, Lokidor said.

He also cautioned his counterparts to be careful with spending of the funds so as to win the trust of the donors to continue supporting them in future.

The Kapoeta North County Assistant Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr Scipio Lulo, concurred with Lokidor and cautioned the farmers’ groups against misusing the funds, adding that it will determine their future relationship with donors.

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