Sudan’s Foreign Minister on Why Sudan Withdrew its Bid for the Chairmanship of AU

Addressing a press conference after the official closing of the AU Summit, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin the Sudanese Foreign Minister told journalists that the success of the Sixth AU Summit held in Khartoum was a success for Sudan.

The Sudanese Foreign Minister said Sudan had the right to host the AU Summit and to Chair the AU. He stated that Sudan would have taken the chairmanship of the AU if the Government of Sudan had insisted, but instead the Sudanese government had resigned the chairmanship to Central Africa in order to avoid dividing the continent. Dr Akol said, Sudan had been elected First Deputy of the AU Chairman and would take the chair of the AU in 2007. He mentioned that there were guarantees written and endorsed that secured the chance for Sudan next year.

Dr Akol stated that what was important was not to chair the AU but responsibility that came with it. He said that the AU Chair did not have authority but had the responsibility to lead the AU and unite the member-states.

Dr. Akol said Since the AU follows a “Rotation system” and the chance was for East Africa, the East African Leaders had earlier nominated Sudan for the position of the AU Chair. Central Africa was due to Chair the AU in the next rotation but due to practical reasons (which he did not mention), he said Sudan resigned to the agreement that Central Africa takes the Chairmanship. The Central African countries then elected Congo Brazzaville .

He said African leaders issued a “Declaration” praising Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir for his “wise leadership and wisdom in working for the unity of the African Continent”. He said that gesture was a great success for Sudan. He stated that African leaders appreciated Sudan’s experience in uniting the Continent.


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