South Sudan Chief Commissioner Of Scouts In Rumbek

The Chief Commissioner of Scouts in South Sudan, Madam Mary visited Rumbek on Monday to establish a scout’s office and graduate scouts and girl guides in Lakes State from trainings they have been undergoing.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 09 October 2015 [Gurtong]
- In an interview with Gurtong, the Chief Commissioner, Mary Elias said the other main reason is to see how the scouts and girl guides are being trained on peace and reconciliation and what necessary support they may need in building their capacity.

Meanwhile Lakes State Commissioner of girl guides, Mr Gordon Gum Chol said that the girl guides in the State have been trained on laws and principles of Girl Guide activities and first aid on how they can act when a person is wounded or injured before being taken to hospital.

Gordon Gum said they are training both boys and girls on some major activities such as military training but also training on drama program on peace, reconciliation and unity in Lakes State.

Mr. Gordon Gum said that “the visit of Madam Mary Elias to Lakes State will help strengthen the association to strive well in coordinating most of our activities and we will remain with strong courage in achieving most of our girl guide objective and vision in the State.”

The Chief Commissioner was received from Rumbek airport by the Minister of Culture, Youth and SportS, Wol Agang.

The visiting team is expected to return to Juba after graduating the scout members and establishing an office for the scouts in Rumbek.

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