National Labour Party removes Dominic Kasiano from Leadership

The Sudan National Labour Party (SNLP) removed Rt. Maj. Gen. Dominic Kasiano Bakhit from his position as president of the party. A former member of the 30th June 1989 National Revolution Command Council (NRCC) that brought President Omar al-Bashir to power.

The SNLP political office, in its emergency meeting of 30th December 2005, decided to remove Mr. Kasiano from the presidency of the party due to what the party termed as 'inefficiency and inability' to lead a political party in the follow-up of the historic Sudan’ s Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

Mr. Emmanuel Duku Joseph - official spokesperson of Sudan National Party and Secretary for the Engineering Affairs of the party - told Khartoum Monitor last Wednesday that the party had decided to remove its leader, Mr. Dominic Kasiano, from his position by votes cast at the party Political Office and its decision was final and binding.

The official spokesperson - who was recovering from surgery for intestinal blockage - stated that despite his health, would comment on the performance of the former SNLP leader. "Dominic Kasiano does not take care of the party. He goes about following his personal affairs and does not discharge the duties assigned to him as a leader of the party. Rt. Maj. Gen. Dominic Kasiano was sent to Western Equatoria State last year together with Dr. Riek Machar, the Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), to propagate party policy, but he failed to do so and went on doing his own business, and did not communicate with party members. That event was what Sudanese media described last year as the 'mysterious disappearance of Dominic Kasiano'.

Mr. Duku alleged that SNLP did not secure any position in the government of National Unity (GoNU), Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), and National Assembly, States’ Assembly, South Sudan Assembly as well as Southern States’ cabinets and legislative assemblies due to the passiveness of its leader.
He stated that the President of the party was currently in Juba but Sudan Labour Party did not know in what capacity because they were not informed of his trip to Juba. He added according to the party constitution, in the eventuality of the removal of the party leader, the Secretary General would take over as acting president until the next General Assembly is convened and a new president is elected.

Mr. Shadarach Baker Michael, SNLP Secretary General for Southern States’ (Political Office) stated that the Sudan National Labour Party was founded in 1995 and its main objective was to defend the rights of Sudanese citizens and the party is 'a party for the people - the grassroots'. Shadarach told Khartoum Monitor that Rt. Maj. Gen. Dominic Kasiano joined the party in 2004 after his resignation from the National Revolution Command Council (NRCC) and presented to the party his resignation letter. “By then the party was in dire need for a leader due to the fact that there was a vacant position.”
Mr. Shadarach stated that after the CPA, the political office of the party noticed that Rt. Maj. Gen. Kasiano was not as active in party activities and alleged that he was always concerned with his own affairs; often telling party members that he was engaged. The reason for 30th December 2005 emergency meeting by the 12 member political office was the decision to remove the former member of the National Salvation coup who showed that he was incapable of leading a political party.

Mr. James Andrea - the Secretary General of the party - was now the acting President of the party as stipulated in Article 7 of the Constitution of Sudan National Labour Party, which states that 'in the event of the removal of the president, the Secretary general takes over till new elections are carried out'.

Mr. Shadarach stated that they were in opposition to the Government of National

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