Pope Benedict XVI to Support Education in South Sudan

His Holiness Pope Benedict XV1 has pledged to support education for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and the returning communities in South Sudan. This was revealed in Khartoum on Christmas Day by His Eminence Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir Wako, the Catholic Archbishop of Khartoum.

The Pope told cardinal Zubeir in a private meeting in Rome last November that “the untold suffering of the poor people of South Sudan could be overcome only by better education because there is no future without better education for children of the Sudan and South in particular”.

He said the Pope has encouraged him to go ahead with his diocesan programme of education for the IDPs or the Save the Savable Education Programme for the IDPs children. The Cardinal said IDPs must progress and attain high level of education from Basic/primary to university level and obtain high qualifications.

Cardinal Wako told the Christians that his dream is to establish a Catholic University of the Sudan, not because there are no universities in the Sudan, but because the Sudanese universities do not offer quality education that prepares the youngsters for their future. The Cardinal lamented that there are many graduates in Sudan, but they are with what he called: “Empty-minds” because they were taught only how to memorize syllabus like tape recorders!

His Eminence Wako said he would like the donors to grand support funds for basic and urgent services for the suffering people of the South. These services include: education, health services and clean drinking water for the people who are going back home.

The Cardinal fears that if the IDPs go back home immediately without proper preparation and availability of necessary services in the South, they (IDPs) would still experience the same sufferings they endured here in the north for quite a long time. He appealed to the donor agencies to support the returning communities of the South.

Present during the Mass was Dr. Michael Mili Hussien the Minister of Education and Scientific Research in the Government of South Sudan. The Cardinal exhorted him to take the issue of education in the South seriously and implement effective modalities that will ensure quality education, not the kind of education where students are taught only to memorize the syllabus in order to pass, for that would not help them make good use of their brains in terms of “reasoning, thinking and sound judgment”!

The Mass, presided over by Cardinal Wako was attended by many Christians at St. Matthew’s Catholic Cathedral in Khartoum. Attendees included His Excellency Lt. Police George Kongor Arop, former Vice President of the Republic of Sudan, His Excellency Mr. Bona Malwal Madut, Advisor to President Omar al-Bashi, His Excellency Mr. Aldo Ajo Deng, former Deputy Speaker of the Transitional National Assembly, His Excellency Dr. Michael Mili Hussein, Minister of Education and Scientific Research in the Government of Southern Sudan, Gen. Paulino Matip, the Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF), Professor Dr. Matthew Atem, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Bahr El-Ghazal, Mr. Yassir Arman Saeed, Spokesperson of the SPLM and the Chairman of the SPLM Caucus in the National Assembly.

While at the Anglican Cathedral-All Saints of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, Rev. Canon Sylvester Thomas Kambaya, the Provost (Dean) of the All Saints Cathedral of Anglican Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) Khartoum Diocese, sent a message to the Sudanese in Sudan and the Diaspora is to “forgive themselves and reconcile” because the peace Sudanese are celebrating together with this Christmas can not be a reality without true “forgiveness and reconciliation”!

Rev. Kambaya called on Sudanese people-Christians and Muslims to forget the past; if they want to have<

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