Letter To President Kiir From Twic-Mayardit CA of Alberta

"Re: the Sudanese Twic-Mayardit Community in Alberta Canada congratulates the President of South Sudan, H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit for Creation of 28 states in South Sudan"


From:  Sudanese Twic-Mayardit Community Association of Alberta

C/0 Mr. Yaac Mabior Tiel & Chol Awet Keen

Calgary, Alberta

October 16, 2015

Your Excellency;

First, let us congratulate you for your decision in creating 28 states in South Sudan. The formation of more states in South Sudan conformed with the SPLM vision of taking development to the rural areas—like remote Twic County in the far north of South Sudan.

 Twic County situates far north of Warrap State in northern South Sudan.  Due to the fact that Warrap state is a vast region, most of its counties suffer from lack of development.    Indeed, much of Twic County such like Ajak-kuach Payam, Pan-nyok Payam and Akuoch Thon Payam have no all-season roads since God created them,  and thus become inaccessible during wet seasons.  Virtually, education and health services in these payams are nonexistent, while some areas in South Sudan are enjoying basic services.

Your Excellency, your decision in decentralizing powers in the country is a timely one!  With no doubt, it would resolve lots of disparities ranging from lack of basic service to the people, unemployment,  unnecessary migration of people to only one developed Capital City [Juba] or  overcrowding of a few developed urban areas in the country. 

Mr. President, we are aware of limited resources South Sudan has at the movement to fund creation of 28 states.  However, it should not be used as an excuse to thwart a novel idea that would equitably address inequality in the country development at its root.

Creating more states in South Sudan, in order to address lack of service, has more advantages than disadvantages to the people of South Sudan in general or much to say to the people of Twic County.  It will create more benefits and lacking opportunities for us.  Like many other areas in South Sudan that hardly get government services, Twic County is a marginalized area despite its huge population that is nearly half a million.   The population census of 2008 puts Twic County population at 204,905.  While population surveyed by the ACF-USA in 2004 reported 386, 590. 

Indeed, two population censuses conducted were done at the time when many citizens of Twic County were still being displaced and dispersed in refugee camps in neighboring countries or in the diaspora in general.  The essence of citing population of Twic County is to pin-point the fact that Twic County has no creditable town where its huge population gets access to basic services such like health facilities, schools, etc.  While post-war generations of young South Sudanese are getting better education in Juba, Wau, and Malakal, etc., the same young generation of children in places like Twic County is being lost to illiteracy in the same country.    

Irrefutably, it should be understood that an establishment of 28 states in the country is purely for administrative purposes that would enable rural areas, like Twic County, to access services. 

In the light of this understanding, The Sudanese Twic-Mayardit Community Association of Alberta—Canada welcome, with applauds, promotion of Twic County to Twic State.  With no doubt, people of Twic State will utilize all their manpower, energies and all means necessary to ensure that their new State created, benefit them well.

We therefore appeal to all political parties and to people of South Sudan at large to understand disparities address by creation of more states in the country and by doing so, welcome the formation of 28 states as better way of addressing inequality in development—in the country.

Your Excellency, it is also our hopes and wishes to appeal to you and your good offices and to all people of South Sudan, with no exception, to embrace peace and denounce culture of violence.  For more than 22 years, our people have suffered a great deal in the war and thus do not deserve current civil war contested in our country.  You have already shown to us and to people of goodwill your commitment to peace by signing IGAD-Plus Agreement despite its shortcomings.  Please remain resolute to peace and keep up that spirit of peace and harmony in our country alive!  We salute you for your bold decision in signing peace and creating 28 states.  And as well, we support you and your leadership.

Sincerely yours:

Signed by:

·      Mr. Tong Ajerek Mawien, Chairman of Sudanese Twic-Mayardit Community of Alberta—Canada  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

·      Mr. Yaac Mabior Tiel,Vice Chairman ----------------------------------------------------

·      Mr.  Chol Awet Akeen, General secretary -----------------------------------------------

·      Mr. Atem Malou Makuac, Secretary of Information -----------------------------------

·      Mr. Deng Nyuol Atem, Secretary of Finance -------------------------------------------

·      Mr. Akech Anyoun, Assist Secretary of Finance  --------------------------------------

·      Miss Aloung Ring, secretary for woman & Child welfare ---------------------------

·      Mr. Thouc Tong Chol, member of Board of Directors -------------------------------

·      Mr. Ring Monyajiith Kwak, Member of Board of Directors ------------------------

·      Mr. Ater Majok, Member of Board of Directors --------------------------------------

·      Chol Makuach, Member of Board of Directors ----------------------------------------

·      Majok Chol, Member of Board of Directors -------------------------------------------



Mr. Yaac Mabor Tiel, Vic Chairman     and  Mr. Chol Awet Akeen, General Secretary

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