Cardinal Wako Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Diocese of Rumbek

November 19th marked the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek. The celebration was done in the Rumbek Catholic Cathedral.

Thousands of worshippers, among them members of the NGO community, youth groups, cultural dancers and different churches took part in the Sunday services. There were drama groups acting the lives of the First Bishop of Rumbek Diocese, the late Bishop Ireneo Dut, Daniel Camboni. A video about the life of Jesus was also shown.

The celebration graced the Sudan-Roman Catholic Head, His Eminence Cardinal Gabriel Zuber Wako, who flew in from Khartoum. Among prominent churchmen who attended the jubilee with Cardinal were retired Archbishop of Torit, His Lordship Paride Taban, Daniel Adwok Kor the auxiliary bishop of Khartoum, Vincent Majwok of Malakal and Caesar Mazzolari the incumbent bishop Rumbek.

The other important clerics where the secretary of Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference, Fr. Madol Akot of Yirol Parish, Fr. Repael Rial Chol of Awerial Parish and Assistant Diocesan Bishop of Akot, Isaac Dhieu.

On the government side was former Deputy Governor for Bahr el Gazal Mr. Daniel Deng Monydit, Brigadier Amuri Dhel Mathieng, Lakes State Director of Prisons Brig. Matthew Jiet Abol and SRRC Executive Director Mr.Vilaro Awoi.

The mass was conducted by His Eminence Cardinal Gabriel Wako who told the congregation that the day is the pleasant one, the day we remember our long suffering of our diocese in the last fifty years.

“ And importantly, we should not forget people like Bishop Ireneo Dut, Daniel Camboni, Arkangelo Ali as you can see their photos hanging on the wall for the work they have done in bringing up this diocese. Our bishops toiled for the sake of our people during the time of difficulties. May they rest in peace”, prayed the Cardinal.

“When we celebrate this 50th anniversary of our diocese, let us have peace in our hearts among our people”, he said. The Cardinal, who has never been silent during 22 years of turmoil, spoke much on the continuing ethnic conflict and political development that are creating deep division among southern communities and he called for unity.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers, now you do unto me,” the Cardinal quoted. He translated it that nowadays, Sudan is in need of forgiveness and those who should do it are Christians. And to do this, he said we have to start forgiving first one’s own, by asking God about your problem, and then your brother.

The cardinal’s visit to Rumbek is seen as important both in religious and political grounds. He will be meeting Church representatives from various denominations and key political figures.

After the prayers, the bishop of Rumbek Diocese, His Lordship Caesar Mazzolari, gave thanks to the people of Rumbek for the efforts they had inserted in making the Jubilee a success in spite of the difficulties brought about by the war.

The former governor for Bahr el Gazal Region, who represented the Lakes State Governor, thanks the Missionaries for the education they have been offering to our children, though he though it was “inadequate”.


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