Cattle Raid In Jalle Payam: Death Toll Rise To 18

By Jacob A. Jok

BOR, October 23, 2015 [Gurtong] – The death toll in last weeks’ cattle raid attack in a cattle camp in Jalle Payam has risen to 18 people.

Bor’s County Commissioner, Isaac Mamer Ruk said the number may increase.

“On our side we have lost 18 people and nine people are wounded under critical condition and the number is still increasing the number of dead people,” Ruk said.

“Just 30 minutes ago, I received another report that 2 people were found and we have other two youth who are missing and an SPLA officer who was in charge of SPLA force in Jalle area,” Commissioner Ruk said.

Gunmen last Thursday raided a cattle camp in Jalle Payam making away with hundred heads of cattle.

A member of parliament in Jonglei, Kuol Bol Ayom in an interview with Gurtong said that the gunmen suspected to be Murle attacked Wereh cattle camp at 10 in the morning.

Commissioner Ruk said some soldiers were sent as reinforcement to the scene of clashes.
Soldiers involved in the attack had reportedly been deployed in Jalle to protect civilians.

Also, one of the two cattle camps in the area reportedly lost an estimated 1,600 animals.

Meanwhile youth in Bor have condemned the killings of the cattle raid and urged the government to intervene and stop the raids.

The Secretary General of Bor Community Youth Association, Malith Aduot Rid said youth from Bor County are disappointed with what had happen in Jalle Payam on Thursday.

“We are one State even though the President of South Sudan divided the States to become 28 States in the country. We the South Sudanese people we support not to kill each other instead look for development.”

A spokesman of the Episcopal Church of Sudan Diocese in Bor, Philip Maluak Deng denounced the attackers as criminals.

 “Actually we were not very happy about what happened yesterday about the information that took place in Jalle by Murle criminals who killed dozens of people and injured a number of people who were brought to Bor this afternoon.”

The United Democratic Front has also condemned the killings.

Samuel Majier Loch says UDF has extended its condolences and sympathies to the families of the deceased for the loss of the loved ones.


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