UK Prime Minister Petitioned To Support Peace In S. Sudan

"The UK government’s involvement in the process of finding a lasting solution to the conflict in South Sudan, and urge you to remain firm and steadfast in the course of realising peace in the country."


Petition to:

The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP

The Prime Minister of United Kingdom

No. 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA




South Sudanese Community in the United Kingdom;

Action for Justice, Peace, Reconciliation and Nation Building;



Wednesday 28th October 2015


Your Excellency,

1.    We, the concerned South Sudanese community resident in the United Kingdom, have come before you to express our concerns over the issue of raging conflict in South Sudan. Since the outbreak of the war in mid-December 2013 thousands of lives have been lost, over two millions have been displaced and  gross human rights abuses have been committed by both parties in conflict. we are very disappointed that  the recently signed Peace Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan is constantly being violated by both warring parties of SPLM/A in the Government and Opposition respectively. As the senseless war continues, humanitarian situation worsens and all innocent citizens in the country continue to suffer.


2.    We have also come today to present a petition from our community seeking your support and to ask you to use your personal influence as Prime Minister of United Kingdom to ensure that the peace deal signed between the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Mr Salva Kiir Mayardit, the rebel leader, Dr Riek Machar Teny and the former detainees leader, Pa'agan Amum is fully implemented to the satisfaction of the citizens of South Sudan.   


3.    We are profoundly honoured to acknowledge Her Majesty’s Government relentless efforts in finding lasting solutions to the conflict in South Sudan. However, as peace in South Sudan remains elusive and the parties in the conflict remain unreliable, we urge your Government to be vigilant, firm and steadfast, to ensure that the IGAD Plus mediated peace deal is fully implemented. Furthermore, we would like to urge your government and the people of United Kingdom to support the war victims and suffering innocent people in South Sudan through humanitarian assistance and funding to support community based peace and reconciliation programs.


4.    We welcome:

a)    The UK government’s involvement in the process of finding a lasting solution to the conflict in South Sudan, and urge you to remain firm and steadfast in the course of realising peace in the country.

b)    The latest UN resolution and urge for vigilance in monitoring and evaluation of the peace agreement, without reservation or additions.

c)    The African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) report and urge for a swift formation of the hybrid court to hold perpetrators of atrocities and war crimes to account. This must occur before reconciliation and healing can be truly affective.

5.    We would like to remind Her Majesty Government that it has a moral responsibility and duty of care as it has raised the expectations of our people for peace and therefore don’t  expect to let the innocent and helpless people down. We undoubtedly believe that The UK government will use her influence to help deliver a just and sustainable peace to South Sudan. It needs to persevere and help to deliver a just sustainable peace to South Sudan. History will judge the UK Government harshly should it let the people of South Sudan down and unknowingly open a way for a more vicious future genocide that could be worse than that of the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

6.    We encourage Her Majesty Government and the Troika (the UK, Norway, and the USA) that they should not be blackmailed by the Anti-Western rhetoric statements and the delaying tactics practiced by the principal warring parties. The South Sudanese people have no grievances with the West. We do appreciate the critical role the West, and in particular, the Troika, played in bringing about the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (The CPA), in 2005.

7.    We are grateful to the IGAD countries, the Troika, the United Nations and all NGOs working in the country for continuing to stand with the people of South Sudan during these difficult times and now as we enter into the era of transition into democracy.


8.    We thank Her Majesty Government under your abled and wise leadership for its pledge to send 300 military personnel to South Sudan to assist in peace keeping by providing training and hope your government will practically invest in long term training and offering technical support to the police forces and judiciary system.


9.    We appeal to all guarantors of the peace agreement: 

a)    To support the implementation of the peace agreement and continue to provide critical humanitarian assistance to all war affected areas.

b)    To facilitate the South-South dialogue and constitutional conference of all stakeholders in advance of the transitional government to create a conducive political environment for reconciliation and healing.

c)    To ensure that comprehensive peace is achieved in the country, displaced people should be officially repatriated to their own places before the process of national reconciliation and healing starts.

d)    To persist on imposing sanctions on those who obstruct, distract and violate peace. For example, the recent “Establishment Order Number 36/2015 decreed by the President that created more 28 states”. This a flagrant violation of the peace agreement, signed in Addis Ababa and Juba on the 17th and 26th of August.

e)    To sanction all warmongers, particularly those army commanders exacerbating the conflict targeting civilian populations and for violation of the cease fire agreement.

f)      To expedite defence and security arrangements and secure Juba and the country at large for the safe return of the opposition fighters and politicians to take their place in the implementation of the peace agreement.

g)    To be vigilant and oppose any foreign government trying to supply the warring parties with armaments and other military equipment that would contribute in increasing more suffering, death and destroying the innocent civilians.


10. We condemn the Government of South Sudan for opening new war front in peaceful areas such as in Equatoria States and areas where civilians have taken refuge for safety in Unity and Upper Nile states, it is also regrettable to see that the Government of South Sudan and the leaders of opposition forces do not pay respect and sympathy to their victims of armed conflict and those killed or wounded while fighting over the disputed land in Bahr Ghazal Region of Warap following the creation of the 28 states.

11. Finally, given the attention and level of commitment your leadership has already shown to bring sustainable peace to South Sudan - together with the other guarantors, we are confident that the agreement will be fully implemented and consequently peace will come to South Sudan.


Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Taban


Action for Justice, Peace, Reconciliation and Nation Building;

South Sudanese Community in the UK (SSCUK-AJPRNB)


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