Global Hand Washing Day Commemorated In NBGS

Northern Bahr el Ghazal State commemorated the Global Hand Washing Day to increase awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing.

Global Hand Washing Day Commemorated In NBGS
Ministry of Health officials demonstrate to children how to wash hands with soap and clean water during the Global Hand Washing Day, photo by Abraham Agoth

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, October 30, 2015 [Gurtong]
- The State celebrated the event two weeks later from its initial date which is an event held annually on 15th of October as a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap. 

In attendance during the commemoration last week on Wednesday at Aweil National Secondary School, were residents of NBGS, government officials and over 20 schools gathered to celebrate the day.

The Director of Quality Education in the Ministry of General Education Science and Technology Mr. Valentino Anei appreciated the commitment of UNICIEF in raising awareness to communities on the importance of hand washing with clean water and soap.

‘’I would like to request the UNICIEF to engage the national Ministry of Education to put the day in the education national calendar so that children in school celebrate the day annually” Valantino appealed.

The UNICIEF Representative Mr. Emanuel Rhama was delighted to see school children turn-up in masses which he says shows commitment to raise good hygiene which will be the only solution to push cholera out of South Sudan and Aweil in particular.

Cholera is a killer disease as reported by the South Sudan Ministry of Health in 2014 with 8,200 cases of Cholera and nearly 200 cases of death.

Emanuel Rhama warned that the disease does not discriminate therefore; children were among the victims in 2014.

He thanked the Ministry of Water, Cooperatives and Rural Development together with the Ministry of Health and Partners for exerting more efforts to help prevent the disease outbreak.
Under the theme ‘Wash your hands with soap to avoid cholera and other diseases’ Rehama stressed, that “Every time we use the toilet wash your hands with soap, if you cook you wash hands also and if there is no soap use ash. Before we eat wash your hands with soap, when we help our young ones we need to wash our hands with soap”.

He said many of the children in the country who fall sick are easily confirmed with acute respiratory infection and cholera cases.

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