The People of Rumbek Welcome their New Governor

The Governor of Lakes State, John lat Zachariah arrived in Rumbek the state capital on Saturday 15th October 2005. He was accompanied by the Governor of Warrap State Mr. Luis Anai Kueidit, the Headmaster of Rumbek Senior Secondary School Mr. Dut Makoi, his office manager and some other dignitaries.

Addressing the public in Freedom Square, the Governor expressed his deep hearted excitement for the cordial welcome by the people of Rumbek. The Governor told the people that he has brought also greetings from Juba where he had just come from.

On state affairs Mr. Zachariah emphasized on security both within and out side the State. He added that he was shocked by the news of ethnic fighting that had claimed three lives last Sunday. He thanked community leaders and the authorities for calming the situation.

Lakes itself has been torn apart by tribal conflicts since Wunlit Peace accord which was signed between the Dinka of Bahr el Ghazal and the Nuer from Upper Nile particularly Unity state.

The Governor will be faced with the task of bringing people together and the development of poor Counties like Wulu, Awerial and Rumbek North.

His counterpart for Warrap State, Mr. Luis Anai also expressed the same concerns on state safety.

Finally he urged the community of Lakes not to look at the past mistakes of individuals. Instead he urged them to continue with the vision left by the former 1st Vice president and President of South Sudan Late Dr. John Garang. He concluded by saying that he would work with his people in a consultative manner despite the fact that most of the people within Lakes are in hard to reach areas.


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