Cardinal Wako to visit Rumbek

His Eminence Gabriel Cardinal Zubeir Wako will pay a pastoral visit to the Diocese of Rumbek next month to preside over the Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary) of the inception of the Diocese of Rumbek on the 20th November 2005.

There will be a week long spiritual catechism with various topics presented and sermons on the life of Christians will be delivered. Much attention will be given to Christian living in Sudan following the signing of the CPA. The Church will focus on peace and reconciliation as people are in need of trauma counselling in order to heal from the psychological disturbances.

Cardinal Zubeir Wako stated that Rumbek Diocese was the first diocese to be handed over to the first Sudanese native Bishop, Irneo Wuien Dut - first Bishop of the Sudan. After Dut, Cardinal Zubeir became Bishop of Wau and the Apostolic Administrator of Rumbek. For this reason, Wako has seen it fit to visit Rumbek.


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