Sudanese Brotherhood Church Receives New Bishop

The faithful of Sudanese Christian Brotherhood Church (CBC) in Khartoum received the first Sudanese native bishop, His Lordship Bishop Nicholai Oling Andrea Vuni on October 07 2005 - ordained as bishop on 23rd April 2005 in Kator Diocese of Juba. The occasion was attended by representatives from African Inland Church (AIC), the Anglican Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS), Sudan Pentecostal Church (SPC), Sudan Reformed Church, Evangelical Church and other Churches. Youth groups from Kalakala, Mandela-Mayo and Fitihab entertained the congregation with songs. The Most Reverend David Kamandela Bishop of the Reformed Church witnessed the installation ceremony.

Bishop Nicholai Oling - 67years old and from the Madi ethnic community from Nimule in Eastern Equatoria - was born in 1938 in Opari in Madi land. In 1955 he took refuge in Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) where he joined a Bible School. He graduated in 1958 and was ordained as a pastor in the African Inland Church (AIC). He went to Uganda in 1965 and later Kenya, where he joined Theological College and graduated in 1969.
He returned to Sudan after the Addis Ababa Peace Agreement of 1972 and was one of the founders of AIC in Juba around 1984-85. Bishop Oling was a pastor of the AIC but later resigned from this position. Together with Reverend Abendigo Vuni, they established the new Sudanese Christian Brotherhood Church (CBC) in 1997, in Khartoum.

He addressed the congregation that assembled at Kalakala Wad-Amara in Khartoum South on the occasion of his reception after installation as new Bishop of CBC, Bishop Nicholai Oling. In his sermon, the New Shepherd asked the Sudanese Christians to thank God for the wonders He continued to do in their lives as His sons and daughters. The Bishop exhorted the Christians not to exalt themselves, but rather exalt the holy name of God so that God continues to bless them.
His Lordship said, "A bishop is a 'Valta '-an axe - in God's hand'. He cited South Sudan as an example where in Juba people went to the bush and cut firewood. Those who cut firewood, were always thanked but the 'valta' the instrument that performed the act of cutting the fire wood was not remembered.

The prelate stated that Sudanese hristians - both men and women - should be people who gave thanks to God everyday of their lives because God had heard the cry of the suffering people of the Sudan and granted peace to them as generations of South Sudanese were born and grew up in war. He stated that the people of God must glorify Him, and that "once we raise God up, He will bless us". He warned them that if they exalt themselves and lower God, He would lay His Mighty Hands on and punish them. Often people of God have 'a dissatisfied spirit' and did not feel happy with what God has given them; that is why people failed in their lives.

The New Bishop asked the people of the South not to forget God for what He had done for them. He said the sons and daughters of the South were living in misery for many years just like the Israelites who suffered in the hands of the Egyptians and God came to their aid. After that they forgot to thank God and complained against Moses when they lived for 40 years in the wilderness. They did not remember how God helped them crossed the Red Sea. Despite God's goodness to the Israelites, they lived the life of complaining and rebellion. Yet, God gave them food of the angels from heaven (Manna) and continued to protect them. The sons and daughters of Israel who entered Canaan were those born in the 'Diaspora'. He reiterated that giving thanks to God meant God opening wide the gate of blessings.

He cited the parable where 10 lepers were cured of their dreaded skin diseases but only one of them, a Samaritan, went back to thank the Lord Jesus Who cured them, but the other 9 went away. He also cited<

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