Wanyjok Youth Unhappy With Change of New State Headquarters

Youth representatives from Wanyjok have expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision made to relocate Aweil’s East State headquarters from Wanyjok to Malualkhon.

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, November 11, 2015 [Gurtong] — In an open letter addressed to the President of the Republic and copied to the Caretaker Governor of the State, National legislative Assembly, council of States and NBG State Legislative Assembly, they condemned and rejected the transfer of the headquarters without consultation.

“Following your recent bold and wise decision to create more States as a way of reaching out to the communities for faster delivery of services, Aweil East State with its headquarters clearly marked out as Wanyjok happened to be one of those lucky ones of this decree. Wanyjok as known to you and many others has been hosting the County headquarters since 1993 when by then it was administered by Civilian Military Administration (CMA).” The letter partially reads.

“Your Excellency, after the decree, Gen. Paul Malong and his cronies had been lobbying for the changing of the State’s headquarters from Wanyjok to his home village-Malualkon, which is roughly an hour away from Wanyjok. The community thought of this as a joke as the reasons put forward are dubious and illogical.” The letter further reads.

According the youth’s letter, the decision of relocating the State capital was done by a few individuals including the Army Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong.

“We would not have objected to this move if the community was involved to decide together after the entire mentioned locality is part of Aweil East County and deserves service delivery as well…“We the youth of the following areas (Apuoth-Pingdong section, Makuach Athian and Ajuongthii) in Abiem centre would like to vehemently condemn in the strongest terms possible this uncalled for decision to hijack the State’s headquarters without consulting the communities where it was to be situated.” The letter further reads.

The letter further requests the President to take action in what they called non-consultative decision to hijack the capital of the state without the community’s knowledge.

The decision was made during a meeting chaired by the Chief of General Staff held at Malualkhon on Tuesday.

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