Fines To Be Imposed On Those Found Littering

Nimule’s town administrator, Eriga Igga warned that anyone found littering the town will be fined not less than 1000 South Sudanese Pounds.

 Lioto Samuel

NIMULE, 11 November 2015 [Gurtong]
-Eriga said that thousands of pounds have been used to employ casual workers to clean up the streets.

“It is even worse during rains. The rotting garbage stings and the flies spread all over. All sorts of diseases including typhoid and cholera emerge. Let us love our town by protecting and cleaning it,” said Eriga, while addressing residents of Nimule during a radio show.

He thanked those who have always used the garbage bins that have been placed in all corners of the town adding that it meets town council’s goal in striving for environmental responsibility.

The town boss threatened however, to arrest individuals heaping rubbish on the road pavements in sacks especially at night.

He urged shop owners and market vendors to always deposit their wastes at the marked points, where the garbage trucks will eventually come and pick it.

“One of the major causes of sicknesses in our communities is lack of proper hygiene. Even bath room water is left to pour on the roads. Why should you allow a pedestrian to walk on water which is now sewage from the pit of your bathroom? Simply dig a pit and cover it up in your compound and allow your water from the bath to pour inside,” said Igga.

He concluded that, they will deploy hygiene promoters to educate the masses on the aspects of sanitation.


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