Jonglei Government Paying Post Service Benefits To Former MPs

The government of Jonglei State is paying annual and post service benefits of members of the legislative assembly who had served from 2005 to 2010 from a loan that it borrowed from the National Ministry of Finance.

By Jacob A. Jok

BOR, November 24, 2015 [Gurtong] – For the past 10 years, Jonglei State government had not paid annual and post-services benefits to members of the first parliament that was established in accordance with provision of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2005.

The Governor of the State,John Kong Nyuon said that the State government has borrowed more than seven million South Sudanese pounds from the national Ministry of Finance to pay members of State assembly who servedduring the past 10 years.

“Three month ago, we borrowed 7.8 million South Sudanese pounds from the National Ministry of Finance to pay members of the first assembly,” Kong Nyuon said.

He also said that the loan is being repaid bthrough installments of slightly over 844,000 South Sudanese pounds monthly and will continue until May 2016.
Kong says MPs benefits had become part of the general economic challenges affecting Jonglei State.

“I am glad and I hope you all know, that what we have managed after one long decade to bail out subsequent administration in Jonglei State by paying those rights that were delayed,” He said.

Jonglei’s Speaker Honorable Peter Deng Aguer said the effort put in by the State government to pay MPs benefits and allowances will not be forgotten.
Peter CholWal, who served as former Speaker for Jonglei State Assembly said that these are entitlements to those who served during the first ten years when parliament was established.

“When the government was formed in 2010 I think the government was unable to provide house accommodation to the chairpersons for specialized committees including the Deputy Speaker and also they were lacking cars and that’s why this rights were calculated multiplied by these years and these are the money paid to the members,” Chol said.

“So it is not post services benefit these are entitlements that are supposed to be paid when


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