Man Arrested For Food Fraud In Rumbek

A man involved in food fraud in Rumbek was on Wednesday sentenced to 9months imprisonment in Rumbek Central Prison. The man was caught selling ash in flour cartons of Guano in the market by the CID.

Man Arrested For Food Fraud In Rumbek
Public Health Senior Inspector in Rumbek Central County,Makur Ater [Photo by Mabor Riak Magok]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 26 November 2015 [Gurtong] - In an interview with Gurtong, the Rumbek Town Court Judge, DhalbenyMakuer said that the man was caught in the market yesterday.

He said that it is a crime that has been happening within the community. “We are worried about what is happening inside the market, there are so many reports coming out from the citizens daily.”

MakurAtersaid that he is aware of the crimes committed by the man,adding that it is a group of people involved in this criminal act.

“These criminals are doing some fatal and poisonous things to the community. If you go to the restaurants and order bread, you will realize or know there is ash inside that bread which you are eating and this is what is happening. The criminals mix the maize flour with the ash, milk with the maize flour and sell all these to the community.”

He said with the scarcity of food commodities in the market criminals have come up with ways of deceiving the population.

“This is where the crime has entered. The criminals now got the chance of mixing the little maize flour with ash and sell it to the people. I am telling you the crimes are high and they will cause diseases to our community.”

He said that the appropriate authorities are trying to coordinates with the CIDs to tackle crimes being committed in the markets.


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