SSDF Generals in Conciliatory Mood

The Commander of South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) General Paulino Matip paid a courtesy call to the New First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and President of the Government of south Sudan(GOSS) Salva Kiir on Friday and Saturday to congratulate him and pledge his support to work together with him for the success of his mandate.

Matip said, Salva Kiir has the right to visit all the areas under the control of the SSDFs, and stated that by doing so, Salva Kiir will be able to unite people of the South because he (Salva Kiir) is a man of peace!

After their closed meeting, General Paulino Matip told journalists at the Republican Palace on Saturday, August 13, that he discussed with the new First Vice President issues related to South Sudan armed factions and affirmed that, these issues would be discussed in-depth in a short period in Nairobi, Kenya and will be hosted by Moi Africa Institute.

The SSDF leader denied that there existed any personal differences between him and the Late Dr. John Garang De Mabior, and explained that there were slight differences, which according to him, were political differences but not personal!

Matip told journalists at the Republican Palace that the question of the SSDF affiliation to the SPLA to make up the South Sudan Army is suspended for now!

In a related development, the Commander-in-Chief of Western Bahr El-Ghazal Militia forces General Tom Anur Daldum told journalists that, the most controversial issues with the SPLM/A were related to the nominations of members of South Sudan to the different positions in the Government of South Sudan (GOSS). He explained that the SSDF refused to be affiliated to the SPLM/A because of the slight differences that existed between them!

General Daldum told journalists they suggested to the SPLM/A that they (the militias) would cooperate under the name of South Sudan National Military Forces (SSNMF), and that they suggested to the SPLM/A to contribute to Southern Sudan Army a number of six thousands soldiers each to make a total of 12 thousand, but the SPLM/A leadership rejected their proposal!

The Commander-in-Chief of Western Bahr El-Ghazal Militia Forces affirmed that, they would reach a consensus with the SPLM/A on the same issues within a couple of weeks.

On his part, Salva Kiir told the leaders of SSDF that they should put in a written form all their demands and submit them to the GOSS and that he would discuss them with his advisors in the SPLM. Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir said, “the door will always be opened wide for the SSDF for such issues to be dealt with-without allowing any circumstances to jeopardize such demands."

Kiir Mayardit told the leaders of SSDF that, “commitment would be personal but “collective” with the SPLM Leadership so that there is a solution that would be suitable all sides!


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