UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) to Participate in Investigation Commission for Garang’s Death

The United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) will participate in the Joint Government and SPLM Committee that will investigate the causes of the Ugandan Presidential Helicopter crash that killed Dr. Garang on July 30, said Rhdia Achuri, the Spokesperson of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Sudan (SRSG) Dr. Jan Pronk, during a press conference held at the UNMIS Premises in Khartoum this after noon.

Achuri said that during the meeting held on Sunday with UN officials in Khartoum after Dr Pronk returned from Juba, where he participated in the funeral of Dr. Garang, the UN boss said that the UN stands ready to assist in the investigation to be carried out on the circumstances of Dr. Garang’s death.

The Spokesperson of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Sudan stated that Jan Pronk supported the viewsof the SPLM that the Investigation Commission should include external actors in order to dissipate any possible doubts regarding the results on the investigation.

She said the Special Representative of the UN in Sudan advised that such a commission be established and concludes its work as soon as possible in order to put final end to speculations! She said Dr Pronk underlined the need for full transparency in the proceedings of the Commission to prevent any possible speculations.

She confirmed that UNMIS participation in the Investigation Commission is on the invitation of the SPLM because it wants an International Body to be part of the process.

Rhadia Achuri said the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) will be involved in the investigation process together with the Commission that include the Government of Sudan, the SPLM, Ugandan Government and the other countries that will be part of the Commission.

Achuri said that before Dr Pronk could leave Juba for Khartoum, he met with Salva Kiir Mayardit who was sworn in Thursday August 11. She said they discussed a range of issues relating to the very-short and long term steps to be taken towards the full implementation of the CPA.


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