One Day Peace Forum Held In Rumbek

The Jieng Youth Union has conducted a one day peace forum with intellectuals, Chiefs, women and Youth groups of the 3 Counties of Greater Rumbek.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 08 December 2015 [Gurtong] - The Chairperson of the Jieng Youth Union (JYU), Samuel Marial Dongrin called on the members of the Agaar community in the 3 Counties to stop committing crimes for the sake of peace in Rumbek.

Marial said that the purpose of the peace forum is to find out the root cause of the conflict between the 3 Counties.

He said that presence of arms within the civil population has contributed greatly to crimes being committed in the Counties.

“There is great need for stability and peace within the community but, the major problem which we have found out as the one deepening the crises of killing and road ambushes is the presence of arms in the hands of the civilians and alcohol these are the issues we have found out in the session with the community intellectuals that comprises of Chiefs, women and Youth groups.”

He said a team will be travelling to the 3 Counties of Greater Rumbek affected by intra-communal violence in order to come up with recommendations and resolutions for the peace initiative.

On his part, the Jieng Youth Union (JYU) Secretary for Information, Atem Barac Atem said that a disarmament program should be conducted by the national government in the area.

He said that the women association also raised major issues including disarmament that must be carried out early next year.

“This thing needs government to do it because there is nobody who will disarm the civilian population. This recommendation goes directly to the National and State governments for its implementation.”

The meetings concluded yesterday with cultural traditional dances.

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