Should South Sudan Join The East African Community?

Though only a small number has responded so far, over 70% think not on a Gurtong's questionaire


Should South Sudan join the East African Community?

 (101 responses)

 NO: 70 (70.7%)

 YES: 30 (30.3%)

The country is very far behind the present member countries in various aspects of development a situation that would put South Sudan a recipient of processed and semi-processed products undermining the local initiative and creating disincentive for local entrepreneurship and production. finished

(101 responses)

Less than 90% of us South Sudanese are not yet educated. We need to meet the educational standards in order to achieve equal opportunities.

They are not ready, let them solve their problems first and build their country with proper hospitals, schools, roads etc

It's too early

we are new to join east Africa because we limited staff who can at other country rather than within. we still have high ratw of illiteracy.

We cannot compete with these countries since we have alot of things to improve before this union.

nic is enought for our country

so that the citizen of south sudan move freely in all East African community countries without problems passport and to easy business amoung each others

South Sudan has no capacity yet to compet in the East African market

to improve the Economic position of the Country to foster

South Sudan is still young in Many areas

South Sudan citizens are not well informed East Africa in terms of many things such as citizenship ,trade and employment how they will be to peaple of South South


because we have no any commodities to shift to East africa market., our found are not working in the East Africa market.

Because they will magernalised us in the same way the arabs did.

Because South Sudanese have business link and culturally close then brothers in North.

they are freaks

our country is not equal footing with E. A countries

Vulnability of South Sudan due to lack of functioning institutions

South Sudan needs to strengthened its laws and regulations first. Again it will only benefit east Africa instead of South Sudan. Let South Sudan be very careful!

Our market will be manipulated by the greedy East African specially Kenya.

South Sudan is Economically poor, coupled with no rule of law...even we ahould not dream of becoming one of them at all.

give it 2-3 years

will not benefit from neighboring countries as lacks skillful workers and nothing to export to those countries so their is nothing to gain from them except free movement of its citizens

because they are still under war

It is too early yet. As we have not prepared ourselves in all aspects to compete equally with the rest of the East Africans

Southern Sudan need to have peace with his people before joining any country.

You can't mix a junior with seniors

The country is not prepared enough to compete with other countries of the region. A referedum should be organized to make the citizens decide.

South Sudan will have economic benefit by joing the EAC.

Those countries are already developed,they got independence like fifty yrs ago so all of them will be here for our Jobs since their countries are developed already No more jobs,pretending to Experts forgetting that an expert was once a beginner and you know with the modern technologies they will colonized South Sudan

To enjoy free movement of her citizen and Trade

south sudan has nothing to export to east africa while we have less qualified people

High level of insecurity, war among themselves. Let them be helped to put their house in order first. The level of ethnicity is still very high.

It is the logical thing to do. South Sudan, at least the Equatoria region has a long shared history with Uganda which is in the EAC.

not yet ready, no production how can u be an equal player, u end up being exploited as a mere market for the community.

There are less benefits. We need to stay away for ten to twenty years before thingking of the community because we are to have our own industriesng

South Sudan is culturally different from East African countries. Besides South Sudan is not economically ready to join East Africa.

for us to intergrated with them


Not the right Time to Join

Joining EAC is like committing economical suicidal,it will be prematurely if we do so.

its clear that south sudan should first solve her problem by herself and soon join the east african community because cooperation is vital for s sudan especially with sudan ethiopia uganda ertria kenya and Djibouti and also somalia ever commodity of import and export of s sudan is through the land of the nearby countries so its very necessary for s sudan to resolve her problem very soon and join the east african community prosperity and peace to be south sudan

its clear that south sudan should first solve her problem by herself and soon join the east african community because cooperation is vital for s sudan especially with sudan ethiopia uganda ertria kenya and Djibouti and also somalia ever commodity of import and export of s sudan is through the land of the nearby countries so its very necessary for s sudan to resolve her problem very soon and join the east african community prosperity and peace to be south sudan

Poor industrrial background

It is not yet ready. They have to work to improve on their image and economy

That is the only way we will be forced to implement our laws

our level of education is still low, we will not be competitive in business

b'se we are still young nation and we need to dev elop our selves first alone

They have to deal with their internal issues first

We are part of East African community in culture

It's not time.

To adopt the good system.

To improve on economic on burdens

south Sudan is not qualify to joint East African community for the following reasons.

Regional integration and free trade

It is because majority of our people are not educated.

too young still to become a member

Because we are closer to the block

South Sudan have no industries or products ti exports to East African Market! So, they would be disadvantage in East AFRICAN Community!

The country is still young to join

Not economically ideal at the moment.

because of the current situlation in south sudan our nation will not himself without other like esat African Community and its not bad for be mamber of the east African community.

yes its good for south sudan to be apart of east Africa community.

because south sudan is not economically, politically, educationally, enterpreneurially, morally and timingly ready. may join when those areas of weakinesses i have mentioned above are rectified and that is after 10 or 15 years. thanks

South Sudanese are not mature enough politically, economically, and socially, plus instability.

South Sudan will be subject for exploitations economically and politically becuase its level of advancement is still far too low

its early for south sudan to join

South Sudan is not economically ready for this.

South Sudan is not economically ready for this.

it is unity the people of south sudan together and brings deverlopment in the new nation

for economic exposure for south sudanese

Because we have not put our vision in order yet as a country, there fore premature to join EAC.

to promote easy business transection in the region

South Sudan does not benefit

This Country is still young we need more time and this should follows Refferadum

we need to develope our country first before joining becouse we do not meet the standard.

for economic and stability of the region

because of economic challenges, and if they joined the east African community then the economic of South Sudan may improve

EAC is purely in vested economic interests of south Sudan's Resources, similar to the EU, the EAC is a political model which do not run business

We need more times

Inequality of capacities

They are still political unstable, have nothing to contribute into the world market. Have a weak private sector

South Sudan needs peace and good security first before joining EAC


For economic improvements, political interest, education improvement and free movement.

South Sudan needed time to build it domestic economic to be able to meet the domestic market need; second Plitically it will support SPLM to remain in power for long like CCM, NRM after all EAC is home for detectors apart of kenya

beacause of thier cultures that do not match with ours


south Sudan still ayoung country and will not benefit from this body because does not have enough experience in business

As to my oppinion S.sudan should join the East African bloc,because they have greatly friendly tires among the east africa countries.

80% of south sudanese are not educated as it shall led exploitation by East African

Economic and Marketing

South Sudan still a new nation and the economy is not yet stable and the level of learning to particpate in EAC is still challenges which need us to address it for more ten years to come in order for us to sake way of joining EAC

The government of south sudan need first to build the capacity of its national in terms of Human Resource development rather than joining EAC

i think we are better no then turning to east africa

To integrate and learn from the other member countries, some of which are doing way better than South Sudan.

South Sudan will compete equally with middle econmy contries of EA. They will dominate our job market as they doing now in the NGOs

it is not good

EAC has problem now. Better to wait as the New nation can not enter in cooperation with the community which fueling wars in its region

Because South Sudan should resolve its own conflicts first or educate its people. South Sudan is not settle yet


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