Jonglei Residents Ready To Implement Peace Agreement

The Chairperson of the Peace Commission in Jonglei State, James Apai Ochalla says that communities in the State are willing and ready to work towards the implementation of the compromised peace agreement in the country.

By Jacob A. Jok

BOR, December 15, 2015 [Gurtong] – James Apai said that despite minor attacks, the people of Jonglei have experienced calm and security since the signing of the agreement.

“There are few thieves that we call culprits, these culprits move around and steal a few cattle but not in large numbers as compared to last year. However, the security situation is improving,” said Apai.

He also said that it has been difficult to accesses some areas in order to pass messages of peace especially to the grass roots due to the poor state of roads.

Ngong Ber Ngong who works at the State Ministry of parliamentary Affairs also called on the warring parties in South Sudan to put aside their differences and consider the welfare of the citizens by engaging in developmental projects and providing adequate security to the citizens.

A resident of Bor, Mathiang John Garang said that the SPLM-in Opposition and the government should join their hands and implement the compromised peace agreement signed in August this year.

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