Sudanese Opposition Alliance Welcomes Transitional Presidency

KHARTOUM, July 12, 2005 (Sudan Tribune) -- The opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has welcomed the formation of a new transitional presidency in Sudan, as it indicated the beginning of a new era and an end to the old.

In a press statement to the Sudanese Media Center (SMC), the NDA official spokesman, Hatim al-Sirr, considered what happened in Sudan on Saturday 9 July with the signing of the interim constitution and the swearing in of the president and his two deputies, as an important but preliminary step that still required that further steps be taken so that the final picture can be complete so as to lead to stability, a comprehensive peace, as well as herald an end to the war in Darfur and eastern Sudan.

He said this would also see an end to the people's sufferings, intensify the fight against corruption, and institute political reforms which would lead to the strengthening of democracy.

Responding to a question regarding the NDA's participation in the new government, which the president and his two deputies have started discussing, Al-Sirr said his party needed the new presidency to respond to NDA demands and to take decisions on pending issues in the Cairo agreement by accepting or rejecting the demands made so that the NDA could take appropriate action.

He said the NDA was hopeful that the democratic process would proceed without any obstacles, and it expressed the party's desire to participate actively in the process so that peace and democratic freedom could be established in the country.

He added that despite the fact that the NDA had reservations over the peace agreement, it was still determined to participate in the government if it was given an equal percentage, as well as an active role.

He said NDA knows there are parties that do not want it to participate in the government and are placing obstacles along the way because they are afraid of the party's programmes which concentrate on fighting corruption and corrupt officials as well as calling for genuine reforms.

The NDA also called for the formation of a new transitional government which represents all parties and political forces without excluding anyone, as is stipulated in the peace agreement, so as to preserve national unity.

The spokesman said a government with these qualities was the only one that could be able to overcome future problems and obstacles and achieve a fair and comprehensive peace.

Material provided by the BBC Monitoring Service.

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