Khartoum Lays Red Carpet for John Garang

Khartoum, Sunday, July 03, 2005,

The National High Committee for the Reception Ceremony for Dr. John Garang de Mabior the SPLM/A Chairman and C-in-Chief, held today at the University of Khartoum’s Natural History Museum the first Preparatory Enlightenment Press Conference to brief Journalists and artists.

People of different professions and specializations met in Khartoum on Wednesday, June 29, and formed a “National High Committee for the Reception Ceremony” for Col.Garang.

John Garang.

The committee elected a popular Sudanese singer and musician Dr. Mohamed Wordi as Chairman, Mrs. Amal Abbas a well-known Sudanese journalist as Deputy Chairman and Mr. David Kuku as Secretary General of the Committee.

There were specialized sub-committees formed, which include: Financial sub-committee headed by Amin Bashir, Social and Cultural sub-committee headed by Mr. Derek Uya Alfred, the Managing Director of KWOTO Cultural Centre (KCC), Political, Intellectual, Graphic Designers, Media and Press Specialized Sub-Committees. The Sub-Committees are technical and functional organs of the National Committee.

The SPLM Leadership in Khartoum formed a “Core Team” of the National High Committee for the Reception Ceremony of the SPLM/A’ boss. SPLM Cdr. Nihial Deng Nihial, Cdr. Abdal Aziz Al-illu, SPLM/A Official Spokesperson Yassir Arman and others formed the “Core Team” that lends a hand to the National Committee.

A Protocol Commission formed and based at the Republican Palace charged with responsibility of inviting the VIPS and members of Diplomatic Missions in Sudan to the Reception Ceremony

Briefing journalists, the different Sub-committees enlightened the participants of the Press Conference on the progress of their committees. The Press and Media Sub-Committee said, they are ready to welcome Dr. John Garang de Mabior, that they held series of meetings in preparation for this historic and remarkable occasion, which is a landmark in the history of the Sudan!

Members of the Media and Press said they have laid media strategies in order to help portray the diversity of Sudanese cultures, and would like to use the media to depict the pivotal and stupendous role-played by the SPLM/A in bringing about the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Sudan National Television (TV) and Radio will broadcast the event live, the committed confirmed!

The Sub-committee set up a Press and Media Centre at Amarat Street 47 in Khartoum for a daily publication and would launch two Internet sites for day-to-day electronic communication. The purpose is to load in all the articles and materials related to the SPLM/A and profile of Dr. John Garang and the history of liberation movement in the Sudan.

There will be a forum for discussion in form of “ Discussion Board” where Sudanese people from different walks of life would ask questions, and more specifically, questions of the “Relationship between the State and Religion” the “ History of Sudanese Movement”, the CPA and the Interim Constitution. The press and Media Committee is set up for documentation.

Speaking on behalf of the Cultural and Social Sub-Committee Chairman, Mr. Derek Uya Alfred said, Sudanese Musicians and Artists are part of this Committee. He said this Reception Ceremony must take into consideration all Sudanese cultures; and Sudanese people from different walks of life are to be included in the Reception for Dr. Garang.

Derek said, Sudanese people with their diversity of cultures and pluralism should portray the Sudan we need (that is the New Suda

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