An Appeal to Jieeng Council of Elders (JCE): You’ve destroyed Pres. Kiir!

"I wished my dad were alive. I would have asked him if this is the nature of Jieeng; or if this is how Jieeng elders acted in the past".

Editor’s Note: For good or for ill, rightly or falsely, the “Jieng Council of Elders” is being seen more and more by many South Sudanese intellectuals as the power behind recent “popular” and “unpopular” decisions being made by President Salva Kiir; among them the decree establishing 28 states. Below is a view first published by the author’s own website. And republished by South Sudan Nation website as in the byline below. As the writer happened to be ethnically Dinka, this view and responses to it are worthy of republishing by the Gurtong’s website, whose objective and mission is unity of the peoples of South Sudan celebrating the values of their diverse cultures peacefully. 

 BY: Kuir ë Garang,

(CANADA, JAN/12/2016, SSN;)

To argue that the 28-States proposal is what the people of South Sudan want is to be opportunistically dishonest. Learned people always make decisions based on empirical studies that can be independently verified. In South Sudan, the learned ‘elders’ are an authoritative, opportunistic clique that hides behind the president under the banner of Jieeng community.

In a society where people support everything the leadership decides, the people can’t be the best judges of what’s really good for the country when presented with face-value importance. The pros-and-cons of the proposal need to be discussed and adequately addressed with the people before the consideration of such an unfortunate, segregational proposal.

What’s the rush? The rush is meant to derail peace and prolong the people’s suffering! How can a leader, a learned elder, just assume something will work without it being subjected to the needed scrutiny? This speaks volume about why things are going wrong in South Sudan. Decisions are made on a whim!

South Sudanese rely on the learned to make their decisions, unfortunately, the elders they trust don’t have the interest of the citizens at heart. People need peace not slicing up of the country into tribal enclaves.

Even when the Juba-JCE knows very well that the proposal could jeopardize peace in South Sudan, they went ahead and coerced the president to go ahead with it. Peace is obviously not one of these ‘elders’ wish.

Western nations are plagued by discrimination and racial hatred because of the racial segregation imposed by economic and class differences and the not-admitted subconscious view of others as inferiors. Children grow up in racially homogeneous neighborhoods with the view of racial others as different and inferior. Since they [children] don’t meet racial others to personally ascertain the claim of ‘inferior others,’ they grow up believing that false assumption.

The 28-States proposal will do exactly that. It will keep South Sudanese apart and limit the crucial interaction that reduces tribal animosity. To say that keeping people apart in their ethnic states will bring peace and harmony is a parochial, naïve thinking not worthy of a learned, 21st century African elderman.

Tribal states were created by colonial administrators to help them control the ‘natives’ as they called us then. Those states were created in the interest of His Majesty not the colonized subjects. For the Juba-JCE to argue that these tribal divisions were good for us is ignorant.

I wished my dad were alive. I would have asked him if this is the nature of Jieeng; or if this is how Jieeng elders acted in the past.

It’s crucial for you [Jieeng] elders and leaders to remember that we are the ones to appraise your deeds and achievements once you’re gone. You’ve destroyed President Kiir Mayardit and his legacy and it’s time for you to remember that history will judge you in a very unkind way.

President Kiir now says ‘Order number 36’ doesn’t violate the peace agreement. But what part of the agreement allows it?

We’ll not write ‘facts’ you’ve not presented. You’re living like immortal beings. A man is as good as his legacy; something Juba-JCE is denying president Kiir.

You’ve showed how you disdain inter-tribal unity. You’ve shown how little you care about the well-being of the average South Sudanese except the size of your wallets. You’ve shown how little you care about peace in South Sudan and that’s why you support a controversial decision that could derail peace and keep the nation in a perpetual state of insecurity and instability (political and tribal). And you’ve shown how little you care about the future of South Sudan because you’ll never be in it.

And you’ve shown how little you care about the national constitution and that’s why you had to help the president make an unconstitutional decision. Once you realized that you couldn’t bully Mr. Kurbandy, who’s fortunately not a Jieeng man, you had a recourse to constitutional amendment.

What exactly will you do when the new constitution is written based on the peace agreement? Since SPLM-IO, SPLM-FPD and other political parties reject 28 States, the writing of the new constitution will be a sticky issue that’ll threaten peace. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

You are the very reason why other tribes hate us! But you are living in an insular fantasy so you don’t care what other tribes think of us. You’re stuck in the past that any thought that a future free of tribal parochialism is possible evades you. I’m ashamed of you.

I want a South Sudan in which Gatluak is a minister in my state, Ajullu a mayor of my state capital, and Deng a head of state inter-tribal council of elders. I know mine is a beautiful dream that’ll not materialize because I happen to belong to a tribe in which the wisdom of our village elders has been rejected and replaced with the political opportunism of the callous city dwellers masquerading as ‘elders.’

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudan poet and author currently living in Canada. For contact, visit his website on


1.     Dutajieng

January 12, 2016 at 4:26 pm

That does not make sense Kuir, you’ve been in Jonglei i know you are from Bor which’s of course from jonglei and if i may ask you “how many those things that u’ve talked that has not happened staff pertaining to the inter tribal committees and the likes?” We recently have been ruled by a nuer man and deputized by someone from Anyuak has that brought peace to jonglei state or to Twic where you hailed from and has kidnapping of children stopped yet and cattle rustling stopped if at all what you are saying would hold a bright future for the country i argue you to stop masquerading if the president is not from us doesnot mean we disown him b’se we are good and can provide the best even Dr John has his mistakes. Things to do with hatred, we have been hatred by the Equatorians and Nuers before anything like JCE came to existence so please rethink about the those 28 states very vividly, we need to try whether this style will bring us peace u’ve heard of Equatorians chasing away the Dinkas from Nimule, Yambio and YAUYAU demanding that he needs a state for his Murle and Anyauk which i think clearly disqualify your dream of having Gatluak a minister and Ajullu a mayor and Deng a head of inter tribal committee. This clearly shows that dream is the impossible b’se we hate ourselves thus calling for the new 28 states


o   Kenyi Kenyi

January 13, 2016 at 6:51 am

Thank you for your contribution. To correct you, No equatorian hates Dinka, we hate Dinkaism (Behavoirs only) as we talk there are Dinkas everywhere in Equatoria no one minds. I can give you food for free. But we hate cattle keeper in our land for reasons that are self explanatory. Take your cows back to Junglei and come as South Sudanese to build your house next to me and see if I can chase you. What we hate is Land grabing, Uncontrolled cattle movement, nyakama, Serega, Kitel, shakila….So abandon those behavior and we have a peaceful South Sudan. By the way would accept those behaviors if we were the one doing them to you?


o   Eastern

January 13, 2016 at 12:27 pm

Dutajieng, shame, shame and more shame is what you must hide under. Don’t even raise a finger against Kuir Garang.


2.    GatCharwearbol

January 12, 2016 at 5:10 pm


You have spoken the truth. Watch as the comments pour in, your own Jieeng brothers and sisters will chop your head off for speaking the obvious known to all. To fit in, you are required to jump into their bandwagon of lies and manipulations. A man is required to think for himself. Majority of Jieeng don’t understand this. They prefer someone else doing thinking for them. A South Sudan where Gatluak is the governor of Warrap, Wani the governor of Bentiu, Garang the govenor of Central Equatoria is what a man who thinks for himself can see. You are indeed for the better South Sudan. May God help us to see this noble idea takes root in our country. Thank you for this excellent piece. If there is any sensible Jieeng out there, let him or her learn from you.


3.    Gatdarwich

January 12, 2016 at 6:41 pm


Very commendable article bro!

The Jenges Council of Evils are the ones that are destroying our country. President Salva Kiir should know this fact. JCE are not working for the President’s or the 64 South Sudan tribes’ interests, but for their own selfish interests. President Salva Kiir needs to meticulously study the 28 states imposition-implementation carefully because it’s indubitably non-implementable period. The 63 tribes will not and shall not under any circumstances permits the JCE to annexes their ancestries’ lands to the Jiengs’ lands period. It is just a recipe for catastrophic disaster. This current deadly war will and shall imminently reaches every village in South Sudan if the JCE and President Kiir inanely-stupidly proceeds with the 28 states imposition-implementation period.


4.    Eastern

January 12, 2016 at 6:59 pm

Dear Kuir Garang,

This is a wonderful January dispatch from a true South Sudanese patriot; nothing much to add or subtract. Excellent piece.

Let the anti peace activists continue with their 28 states agenda, the world and the future will judge them!


o   Bentiu Ramaran

January 12, 2016 at 9:27 pm

Kuir-e Garang,

This is the best article ever a Dinka man has written since the creation of earth. Dinka in general do not have vocabularies of equality, sympathy and fairness. However, I am afraid visionless Dinka such as False Millionare and Salva Kiir will sleep in pain because of your visionary article that seem to be a big threat to them.


5.    Okuc

January 12, 2016 at 7:54 pm


You are a voice in wilderness and i wish the rest of educated Jieng are courageous like you to stand up and say to the so- called council of Jieng Elders you don’t represent us nor you have been elected by us. Unfortunately, the Jieng’s council of Elders took upon themselves to speak on behalf of whole Jieng in South Sudan in matters far beyond their jurisdiction.
Keep on challenging your people who want to turn South South into Jieng’s republic which is uphill feat to achieve.


6.    Martin L.

January 12, 2016 at 11:27 pm

I get the formation and existence of such a group like JCE; but what I don’t get is listening and implementing their evil schemes by the president of the republic is beyond me! Why would, a supposedly president of all South Sudanese, listen to one and only one group?


7.    Beek

January 12, 2016 at 11:37 pm

Third World War is not going to happen in my life time. Obama was afraid and crying because of they have done,but that was the right thing. Angels


8.    Amum Machar

January 13, 2016 at 5:33 am

Okuc and others viewers, I don’t have enough times to mentioned their names, of course, Kuir ideas and viewes reflects the really issues and the son of Jieng who believed in equality, justices, fairness, the importance of relationships, the needed for collaborations, and the fundamentally of eliminating racism and build the unity as the only way to recognized our unique of diversity. People should pay attentions to key terms and evaluated or studied them as the root cause or alternative solutions to what have been facing the new nation, however it appears that Kuir and other best Bor leaders who are part of those chaos. It looks they have difference agendas because many of them had greater ambitious in playing in such dirties politics that brought divisions as well as any crisis that Southern Sudanese have hard time cleaning it up. Therefore, as a concerned viewers or reader, I would like to warn none Dinka not to just support those kind of writers who tended to blamed Jieng for the past so that they can get a position in the government just like Gordon Boy who used to insult and challenged President Kiir’s administration until Kiir brought him closer! South Sudan and their viewers should learn from those examples, and who pretend to be part of the solution while they are not doing any thing about it. Despite of reflecting their idea on the really issues their hieratic is bring divisive voices and discrimination among communities and within member of the government.


9.    Kenyi Kenyi

January 13, 2016 at 6:35 am

God bless you. Kiir is messing South Sudanese because he listens to JCE instead to Council of Ministers and Parliament.
The voice of intellectuals like You, Elhag, Okuk, Wani, Kenyi Kenyi, Bentiue ramaran…. fall at best at the ears of fellow interlectuals but not those who mind their wallets as you correctly put. South Sudan of Bashir is by far better than this one we manage. Yet it is supposed to be the reverse. Shame on JCE. Could that be their strategy of coming back to posts or seeking political recycle?


10. Alier-kon

January 13, 2016 at 6:52 am

Dear all,

For your information go and opposed 28 states in your home because every body has it own states for instance, Eastern go and tell people of Namurnyang and Imatong your complain. those of Nuer you have latjoor, Eastern Biech, and western Biech move on the street and demonstrate that this is not good to have our state alone. Kuir come to Bor Jonglei and tell your people that I don’t like to have Jonglei state, so let us be combined with Boma state. instead of barking on the net it shouldn’t help and at the end of the day you will end up crazy. Nuer why do you complaint since you have your land? Okuc go to Chollo land claimed your right there with your people and say we don’t want to have our sate alone let us be together with Dinka Padang and donjol. if we want unity among our selves as southerners then why do we talks a lot using abusive language against Dinka and Jieng did take away your ancestor land?


o   Eastern

January 13, 2016 at 6:57 pm


The 28 states issue is non starter; you will soon realise why this is the case. Creation of states in South Sudan is not a preserve of a few Dinka people. ARCISS is supreme to the presidential Order 36/2015 AD.

Please engage yourself in better things than fantasising on an elusive project.The JCE and by default war mongering dinkas will end with an egg on their faces!!!!


11. monday Jacob

January 13, 2016 at 8:46 am

Traditional elders should not be mixed with Government, because there behaviors and act is barbaric and most of them are primitive,indeed they can’t solve and come up with new ideas for the all country,otherwise they will mess you Gov’t and run a way while blaming you of bad leadership.however traditional elders are good in solving culture issues but not Government issues,because government is for the people with different social,economic and political we should no encourage them to run the affairs of government.


12. False Millionaire

January 13, 2016 at 10:19 am

Mr Garcharwearbol,
How so daring are u?
“South Sudan where Gatluak is the governor of Warrap,Wani the governor of Bentiu,Garang the governor of centeral equatoria”,why do u ignore that that was John Garang’s south sudan?
But u revolted against him under Riak Machar and Lam Akol joining the arabs and facilitated to reverse every territory the SPLM/A under Garang had captured with bloodshed and heavy human loses.
Stop fooling around sir.If u haven’t anything better to say,repent and apologize to the RSS’ masses!!!


13. Kwacha

January 13, 2016 at 12:00 pm

“In a society where people support everything the leadership decides, the people can’t be the best judges of what’s really good for the country when presented with face-value importance”.
Kuir !, this is a fantastic piece article from a patriotic South Sudanese. South Sudan needs a million talented people like you who can change this attitude of tribalism.


14. Dutajiengdit

January 13, 2016 at 3:14 pm

Kenyi kenyi and Eastern, of coz you can disagree with me but that’s what you p’ple want we are tired of your abuses towards the Jieng p’ple so why are refusing to be in your state and we in ours. You just praising that masquerader and an opportunist pretending be a patriot we all patriotic that is why we lost of our fathers and relatives to the liberation struggle which Kiir hijacked but we know everything has an end but just tired of hatred


15. Patriot, Gatdarwich

January 13, 2016 at 5:30 pm

The Jenges intellectuals like Kuir and the likes needs to unequivocally disowned these wisdomless Elders-Jiengs Council of Evils, and labels them by their true names: tribal lunatics and Jenges supremacy fanatics.
If Kuir and the likes keep wrongly labeling them as their chosen elders, then these cronies will and shall maintains acting as such period


16. Jonathon Bukjok

January 13, 2016 at 8:12 pm

Why do people say things that they will not do? Let your talking march with what you are going to do.


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