Government Urges Citizens To Embrace Unity

The Secretary General of Jonglei State is calling upon the population in the State to embrace peace despite the current administrative divisions in the country.

Government Urges Citizens To Embrace Unity
Prof. Mawut M. Guarak , Secretary General, Government of Jonglei State [Photo by Juuk Mading]

By Juuk Othana Mading

BOR,  24 January 2016 [Gurtong] - Prof. Mawut Achieque M. Guarak said the order that led into the division of areas came as a call from the citizens of South Sudan and that it should not divide the people.

Secretary Mawut made the statement during the official opening of a football tournament in Jonglei aimed at promoting peace.

“There is one thing most of our people think that the creation of 28 States reflects our tribal
disintegration. That is not true. It was only to ensure that government is taking services closer to the people who might not have access to services before”, he said.

“I remember in 2012 when I was Director of secretariat affairs. I went to places like Walgak and there were children whom I met who never had a chance to see a car let alone use a car. They had never see a car before but now with the creation of new States; these children in Walgak for example, in Panjak will have new state headquarters constructed there. They will have government closer to them. This is why the government accepted the call of the people of South Sudan to create new states.”Guarak explained.

Mawut urged the citizens to co-exist peacefully as people of South Sudan at large and as people of Jonglei State irrespective of how many States have been created out of the indigenous State.

He added that the move will be a way forward for resettlement of people and rehabilitation of the communities in the State.

“We must begin reconciliation such that the IDPs and refugees camps see that people in Bor still love the unity of our people and of our State”, concluded Mawut.

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