Jonglei Resident Turning Old Tyres Into Shoes

Traditional car tyre footwear, made from recycled car rubber tyres are becoming popular in Jonglei due to its durability.

Jonglei Resident Turning Old Tyres Into Shoes
Car tyre footware [Photo| Jacob Achiek ]

By Jacob Achiek

BOR [Gurtong] – The shoes made from old tyres are designed differently and different sizes as well.

Using a template, individuals can identify their shoe size by lining a foot up with the markings made by the one designing the shoes.

Once the rubber tread is stripped from the tyres, the guide is placed on top of the material so the user can cut out the correct shape at the right size.

The making of this rubber tyres footwear has become a lucrative business in Bor as it is widely worn by many who long to own something that can last a long period of time before returning back to the market to look for something new.

A resident of Bor town, Kon Mading learnt how to make these particular types of shoes in 2012.

With this Mading says he has since used this business to cater for his family’s needs.

"I had tried everything and failed. So decided to try this work as my, because I had not completed my education. I went to school in 1991 and soon after the war i dropped out of school when i reached primary five," Kon Mading said.

With this business he became independent and now has a family that he takes care of. 

"I can solve my personal problems now, and no one is supporting me again," he said.    

According to Mading during the war times, soldiers preferred wearing the rubber tyres shoes as they were durable and their movement into the bush needed something solid.

They also used these shoes to prevent them from being pricked or even contracting diseases from walking barefoot.

Mading collects old tryes and turns them into money by making these shoes.


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