SPLM IO Press release by Mabior Garang



The leadership of the SPLM/SPLA in opposition strongly condemns the  oppressive tendencies of the National Security Service of the Republic of South Sudan. The Director General of Internal Security on several occasions has impeded the movements of members of the Advance Team  of the SPLM (In Opposition) on dubious grounds.

The Director General for Internal Security (illegally) stopped members of the SPLM (In Opposition) advanced team traveling to Nairobi to seek medical attention (on the 19th of January, 2016). The same Director General of Internal Security has again stopped the trip of the SPLM’s (In Opposition) Advanced Team travelling to join their Chairman; who is on a
peace mission to Kampala, Uganda (also on dubious terms).

 The SPLM (In Opposition) leadership calls on President Salva Kiir to rein in these negative elements that are making peace difficult. The SPLM (In Opposition) Advanced Team is in Juba to implement the ARCISS, we are not prisoners of war, nor political detainees. The SPLM (In Opposition) shall file a strong protest with the implementation body JMEC and this issue shall be tabled at the next meeting.

The members of the Movement call on the people of South Sudan to remain calm in the face of these unending provocations by the enemies of peace. The SPLM (In Opposition) reassures all members and the people of South Sudan of our commitment to the full implementation of the Agreement.


Mabior Garang

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