Village Chief Spearheads Latrine Construction Campaign

Isaloro Boma Chief of Imurok Payam, Torit County, Imatong State, Mr. John Kenyatta has come up with the slogan 'better late than never' as he spearheads the construction of latrine campaigns to outrace open air defecation in the village.

Village Chief Spearheads Latrine Construction Campaign
Village members in Olianga mapping their homes with identification sites [Photo by Peter Lokale]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 27 January, 2016 [Gurtong] -
For several decades, Olianga 'A' and 'B' villages in Isaloro Boma, Imurok Payam of Torit County, was littered with feces but Chief John Kenyatta has said enough is enough and has now decided to teach the people the importance of using latrines.

This is what he tells his fellow residents after gaining new skills from Rural Water and Sanitation Support Agency (RUWASSA).

“Everyone in this village with effect from Tomorrow, must start digging pit latrines and anyone who fails to do so will be fined” Kenyatta warned.

The chief who is encouraging the entire community to team up with the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) workers stressed the need to own and use a latrine thus reducing a number of water borne diseases.
"... I am really shocked after learning how human excreta cause diseases and financial challenges in households. Look here, we have all witnessed real life demonstrations on how the random defecations in open areas rob people's lives innocently simply because of lack of knowledge” explained the Chief

“It is good that we have learned and seen the demonstration conducted by the CLTS. Who hasn't yet seen or heard how tiny germs in the feces get into human hands through the food, water and contaminates things?”

Kenyatta challenged the residence, “With all we have seen or learnt with our own naked eyes, we shouldn't continue messing up to lose dear lives with that ignorance. Enough is enough, we must therefore dig latrines and use them to avoid getting diseases that compel us to spend the little money on treating sick family members.”

Mr. Louis Ongwai Midardo, an elder in Olianga 'B' equally joins Chief Kenyatta to drum support to end open air defecation in the area recalling that Cholera outbreak in 2014 dozens in the village.

"... I believe such tragedy happened because of random open defecation practice. We must stop it from now on. Let us rise up to fight the ignorance. Let us break history by beginning to embrace new sanitation and hygiene practice in our village,” appealed the Chief.

The Managing Director of Moon Light Development Organization (MLDO), Mr. Gabriel Blasio who led the CLTS workers to the two villages for the community sanitation campaign, said over 50 out of 80 households agreed to start digging pit latrines with immediate effect.

In order to back-up the chief to guide and monitor progress of sanitation and hygiene program in the village Isaloro community has constituted a six member committee.

Chief John Kenyatta is the overall supervisor of the village Sanitation and Hygiene committee with Mr. Dominic John as chairperson and Falamina Cyprian as one of the members amongst others.

With funding from NIRAS Organization, RUWASSA has contracted MLDO to carryout sanitation campaign in the selected villages of the Payam.

NIRAs is a Company managing a development fund on behalf of the Government of the Netherlands to implement projects, build capacity and provide technical advice in South Sudan.

Torit Sanitation team leader, Mr. Lija Amos said that community mobilizers have been appropriately equipped with necessary skills to implement a comprehensive CLTS program in rural areas across the State to improve sanitation.


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