Opposition Threatens Sudan Constitution Boycott

KHARTOUM: Sudan’s largest opposition party led a move yesterday to boycott the constitution-drafting process due to seal a peace deal between Khartoum and southern rebels ending more than two decades of conflict.

The Umma party of former prime minister Sadeq Al Mahdi and 10 other opposition groups issued a joint statement charging that the makeup of a committee tasked with drafting the interim constitution was not representative of the country’s political landscape. “The constitution is a document that expresses the consensus of the nation and all ingredients of the Sudanese people and should guarantee the rights of all parties, not only those of specific parties,” said the statement.

The Democratic Unionist Party of Mohammed Osman Al Mirghani was also a signatory and asked for the seat distribution on the 60-member National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC) to be renegotiated. “We will not take part in the constitutional commission in its present composition and we demand the representation of the political forces in accordance with their strengths and weights,” DUP deputy chairman Ali Mahmud Hassanain said.


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