Gogrial Governor Appoints Deputy, Restructures State government

The Governor of Gogrial State has appointed his deputy and has made possible arrangements to create a learn government for the State as directed by President Kiir Mayardit.

Gogrial Governor Appoints Deputy, Restructures State government
Ariec Mayar Ariec; Acting government spokesperson in Gogrial State [Photo| Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

GOGRIAL, 10 February 2015 [Gurtong]- Governor Abraham Gum Makuac issued a gubernatorial decree appointing Hon. Santino Akot Abiem Aken as the deputy Governor.

Abiem is a member of South Sudan National Army (SPLA) at the rank of a major who has turned politician. He has been working as a cabinet minister in the then Warrap State.

Makuac also has appointed Maluac Lueth Maluac as the government Secretary General in Kuacjok, according to the Acting Government Spokesperson Hon. Ariec Mayar Ariec.

Hon Mayar has said that the Governor has so far reduced the cabinet to consist of only 9 members including the Governor and his deputy.   

“As directed by the President, our government is going to be very lean. We shall have only 7 ministries that will run the services across the new Gogrial State plus the Governor and the deputy making the total of nine. This means that some ministries will be merged together. The governor has done and finished that procedure,” Mayar has said.

He also added that Gogrial will be made up of 11 new Counties to bring services closer the people and create more job opportunities for our local population and youths.

“The people of Gogrial State are very happy with President Kiir for the creation of 28 States. This will bring services and opportunities. Indeed when we create more administrative units in the government like new Counties it means a lot for the people of Gogrial,” he said.

Mayar revealed that Gogrial State will have more members of parliament to appoint to the State assembly in order to meet the 21 legislators as required by the presidential order that established States.

“The total number of our legislators today in Gogrial is 16 MPs; this means that we have a shortage of 5. We have created five more constituencies among the communities. Kuac-ayok community will have one representative, Aguok will send in two more legislators while Awan Mou and Apuk-Giir shall have one legislator each,” the spokesperson said.

Mayar said as soon as the new parliamentarians are identified and sent to the august house, immediately the legislators will elect the speaker as the Governor prepares to form his cabinet.

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