Maridi State Government Releases 40 Youth Previously Arrested in Connection to Rebellion

Authorities in Maridi State have released 40 youth who were arrested last year and this year in connection to the armed struggle that is taking place in all the three States of greater Western Equatoria.

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 16 February 2016 [Gurtong]- The Governor of Maridi State, Africano Mande told the State Radio, Yambio FM on phone from Maridi that the 40 boys were released last Thursday.

Mande said the decision to release the boys was reached after thorough consultation with relevant organs and as part of the amnesty the President of the republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir offered to any that took up arms against the government.

Out of the 40 youth who were released 5 are from Gbudue State while the rest hail from Maridi State.

The Governor said those released are only those who were arrested in connection to the rebellion but those with criminal charges against them plus other crimes will remain in detention awaiting trial.

He said the security situation in most parts of Maridi State remains calm with few cases of criminals abducting people in some parts of Maridi County the State’s capital.

In a separate development a local musician known as Badi lover boy was also abducted and later killed, his dead body was discovered after three days.

Hon Mande stressed that the government is working hard to apprehend the culprits.

“Once we get this people doing all the bad things to their brothers and sisters we will bring them so that they face law,” Governor Mande said.

He called on all the youth who took up arms to return home so that they can benefit from the general amnesty of the President and those who are in town should join hands with him in working to develop the new State.

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