Jubek Governor Creates 7 Counties, Appoints Commissioners

The Governor of Jubek State in Juba on Tuesday issued a gubernatorial decree for the creation of seven Counties in Jubek State to be effective on February 16, 2016.

By Ariik Atekdit

JUBA, 17 February 2016[Gurtong] - Governor Augustino Jadallah Wani has appointed commissioners in the Counties as he announced their creation on Tuesday. The newly appointed Commissioners are high ranking military personnel.

As per the decree Jadallah has created Nyarkenyi, Mangala, Rajaf, Wundoruba, Lobonok, Rokon and Oponi Counties as lower administrative units in Jubek State.
Mr. Jadallah appointed the Commissioners as follows:

  1. Brig Joseph Patiante Patia – Nyarkenyi County
  2. Maj. Elario Paul Pataki – Mangala County
  3. Maj. Martin Wani Jangara – Rajaf County
  4. Col. Samuel Lomi Yoseke – Wundoruba County
  5. Maj. Guorik Kesek Kenyi – Lobonk County
  6. Capt. Simon Muzee Mojangnuel -  Rokon County
  7. Col. Hitler Rorbert – Oponi County

Jubek State is what was Juba County in the then Central Equatoria State before the presidential order that created 28 States in South Sudan.

The Governor has also appointed a 7 – member committee to review the former Central Equatoria State constitution to be adopted for Jubek State. The committee according to the decree will report to the Governor’s office immediately after two weeks.

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