Kids Football League To Be Formed In Nimule

Nimule football association has come up with a program for a kids league which according to the Manager of the association, Mr. Koma Williams will help in selecting talented players.

By Lioto Samuel Raymond

NIMULE, 18 Febuary 2016 [Gurtong]-Koma said that the trainings will help in professionalizing football in the country from a tender age, and good talent will be picked to represent the country in the future.

“This is what many countries like Nigeria and Ghana are doing, as opposed to many countries that only do selection of players at a mature level which will never actually work out,” he said.

Koma said that the failure of most African countries to bring home the world cup or the African cup of nation’s cup is because of such errors in the football profession.

“Many countries normally map out players in the urban areas just because they feel that the football profession is an employment, which is completely wrong. National football selection should have players selected from childhood, trained and nurtured until they are able to prove themselves well on the international scene. “He said.

“When it comes to football, tribalism is thrown far. Selection has to be based on talent but not tribe or status. The moment such a ‘sickness’ affects the profession; the country will never score even a single goal on the international scene.” Said Koma.

Koma said that the training of these young stars will be a great contribution to the country’s football club in the long run and the people of Nimule will be proud if they see many of the performing football stars in the country coming from the region.

“The next step we shall be taking is to employ a professional coach who will continuously train and organize marches for the kids.” Said Koma.

He urged all the other states in South Sudan to identify, train and select the best talent for the national team five to eight years from now, as a way of contributing to the country’s football.

“As a football professional who has travelled around the world as an international football coach, I am urging those professionals in South Sudan doing selection of national football players to go deep in to each Boma and select the best talent. We are however lobbying for funding from any donor to support us in the profession.” Said Koma.

So far we have submitted many proposals to donors for funding and we are still waiting for their feedback insha Allah.”


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