Man To Be Charged With Rape Of One Year Old

Women in Yei River County have raised concerns over the rape of one year old.

By Modi Gilbert

YEI, 19 February 2016 [Gurtong]
-A 30-year old man was arrested on Sunday by police for having raped a child of barely 2 years old.

The Police Inspector for Yei River County and the Municipality, Jeremiah Maker Nai said that the man will be presented before the court of law.

Yousto Micah Sawaka, the medical director for Yei civil hospital confirmed that their findings indicate that the child was raped.

 “In our examination, yes, there are definite signs and symptoms that this young baby girl had been raped” said yousto.

However, he said “the injury is not extensive that it resulted to the tearing of all the external genitalia. It is just a minimum tear of the external genitalia.” 

He further added that diagnosis done did not show signs of sexually transmitted infections.
 “We went further to do some investigation for sexually transmitted infections and we thank God that there was none.” said the Doctor.

As a concern, women have moved to calling out for serious consideration of the rule of justice in handling the case in court.

Charity Dudu is a member of the Yei Women Association, she said “there should be proper punishment given to this person and persons involved in these form of cases before the law.”
“Such cases have to be handled by the law but not solved at home” said Dudu.

 “We as women, we are unhappy because we are the ones suffering with this children for nine months” she said “though the child is for my sister, neighbour, friend, or whoever given the name child, I consider him or her as my own child. I cannot feel happy when I hear that any child has been raped.”


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