Opposition NDA Welcomes SPLM Delegation, Opposed to Constitution Panel

KHARTOUM, Mar 29, 2005 (Sudan Tribune) -- The opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has welcomed the arrival the delegation of Sudan People's Liberation Movement, SPLM, in Khartoum.

However, it reiterated its opposition to the setup proposed for the drafting of the constitution, saying that the SPLM will be appointing a representative to the NDA secretariat in Sudan, the

The NDA official Spokesman Hatim al-Sirr described the visit as having particular importance towards resolving Sudan's problems. He said to Khartoum based Al-Ayam newspaper "the NDA would have no problem with the visit as long as it is aimed at boosting SPLM's ties with other Sudanese political forces through dialogue".

He also reiterated the NDA position on the drafting of the constitution, saying it is still opposed to the current setup of creating a constitutional committee according to quotas stipulated by the Naivasha protocols.

"We will not support or accept a constitution in which we did not play a part," he affirmed.

Material from the BBC Monitoring Service.

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