Nimule Supplying Juba With Fresh Mangoes

The ever increasing demand for mango juice, coupled with the difficulty of the mango juice factories in buying the raw materials from other countries like Uganda, has forced investors, producing mango juice to turn their attention to local growers of mangoes.

By Lioto Samuel Raymond

NIMULE, 22 February 2016 [Gurtong]-Many mango growers in Nimule are now harnessing profits from the multitudes of trucks coming to buy fresh mangoes so as to keep their juice factories running.

Of recent, the price for a bottle of Lehem juice, produced in Juba has risen to 35 pounds, because of the costs the factory incurs in importing mangoes, as raw materials in the production process.

With now investors turning their attention to buying these raw materials from local farmers in Nimule, the prices of mango juice produced locally in the country is predicted to fall drastically.

In an interview with the marketing representative of Lehem mango juice factory in Nimule, Mr. Osborn Zole, he said that the country’s financial meltdown against the US dollar is the major reason for hiking the prices of their produce.

“We used to sell juice at 6 South Sudanese pounds to the end user, but now, because of the difficulty in acquiring the US dollar, for the purchase of raw materials outside the country, is the reason for hiking the prices of our products.”

The market analyst said that, if this economic crisis continues, he is afraid that companies like the South Sudan beverages limited might crumble.

Many Mango tree owners in Nimule are however very happy, for the juice factories in the country turning their attention to local fruits for their factories, on what some people like Vuchiri Daniel, see it as an employment opportunity.

“I see the direct sell of my mangoes to investors as a form of employment, since I can scoop over 600 South Sudanese pounds per day from the sale of three bags full of mangoes to factory trucks coming from Juba.” Said Vuchiri.

The farmers are urging mango investors in the country to come and buy all the various variety of mangoes from them.

“The price of a sack of mangoes in Nimule goes for as low as 80 South Sudanese pounds, compared to the doubled cost incurred by an investor, if bought from outside the country.” Said Daniel

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