Gogrial Governor Establishes 13 New Counties

The Governor of Gogrial State, Abraham Gum Makuac, has issued decrees dissolving the former Gogrial East and Gogrial West Counties and created 13 new Counties.

Gogrial Governor Establishes 13 New Counties
Abraham Gum Makuac Majak, Governor of Gogrial State [Photo by Santino Manut]

By Ayuel Santino Manut

KUACJOK, 27 February 2016 [Gurtong]-
The new Counties include Awan Pajook, Awan Chan, Awan Riau, Aguok west, Aguok North, Aguok centre, Aguok South, Kuac South, Kuac North, Apuk North, Apuk East, Apuk West and Apuk South Counties.

The respective headquarters of the 13 Counties are: Mayen Pajok,Akon,Pan-liet, Keet, Mayom-kadaduet, Alek, Gogrial Town,Ajeip, Keric, Nyang-Jur, Lietnhom, Ajogo and Pindit respectively.

In other decrees, the Governor appointed Commissioners for all the new Counties formed.

Among those appointed as Commissioners includes,

Lt. col peter Pakak Pakak Commissioner for  Awan Pajook County

1ST Lt. Peter Matem Yak  Commissioner for Awan Chan County

Lt. col Lual Lual Malok Commissioner for Awan Riau County

2nd Lt. Deng Akol Deng Commissioner f Aguok West County

Lt. Col. Andrea Ajang Akot Commissioner for Aguok North County

1st Lt. William Longar Pot  Commissioner for Aguok centre County

Maj. Kuanyin Kuanyin Commissioner for Aguok South County

Lt. Col. Aleu Kon Akol Commissioner for Kuac Kuac North County

Hon. Bol Lual Agaak Commissioner for Kuac South County

2nd Lt. Kerubino Kuol Agok Wol Commissioner for Apuk North County

Capt. Deniel Anyuon Chan Commissioner for Apuk East County.

1st Lt.   Nyang Ngor Deng Commissioner for Apuk West County

2nd Lt. Thiep Akol Madut Commissioner for Apuk South County

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