Returnee Selling Dry Fish To earn A Living

Mr. Kerubino Santino James upon returning from a refugee camp in Kenya where he had run to has now ventured into selling fish to earn a living.

Returnee Selling Dry Fish To earn A Living
The tilapia fish of Mr. Santino being dried by salting.[Photo by Lioto Samuel]

By Lioto Samuel

NIMULE, 02 March 2016[Gurtong]- Kerubino has now settled in Pageri where he has begun his life from scratch.

While many in the area smoke their fish to preserve it, he says he prefers salting his.

Salt preserves fish in two equally important ways: by extracting water from the flesh, and by saturating it with salt.

According to Santino the smoking of fish to preserve it is time consuming hence the choice to salt as it is more hygienic and health wise is recommended.

After preserving his fish he then transports to the markets in Juba where he already has a ready market for his business.

The returnee said that, he has links with restaurants and hotels both in Nimule and in Juba because of the quality and freshness of the fish he supplies.

“I am able to make about 3000 to 5000 South Sudanese pounds per day from the supply of my fish to various consumers. Other people even buy the fish directly from my house.”

Santino encouraged all other fish producers to emulate his example of salting fish compared to the old fashion of smoking.

Santino explained that the process involves applying enough powder salt both in and outside the body of the fish and leaving them to dry under the sun.The salt tends to drain the water slowly from the body of the fish until the fish dries in 3-5 days.

When you combine salting with drying, fish can be preserved almost indefinitely.

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