Cabinet Conclude Inter-Ministerial Dialogue On Economic Challenges

The Council of Ministers chaired by President Salva Kiir on Friday concluded an inter-ministerial dialogue and agreed to lay strategies to address the economic challenges in the country.

Cabinet Conclude Inter-Ministerial Dialogue On Economic Challenges
Dr. Martin Elias Lomuro, Minister of Cabinet Affairs [Photo| Jok P. Mayom]

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA, 07 March 2016 [Gurtong]- Dr. Martin Elias Lomuro, Minister of Cabinet Affairs told reporters after the meeting that the council of ministers concluded the inter-ministerial dialogue on how to subsidize further some of the commodities including transport of students to schools as means to fight economic crisis.

“The most important thing was the economic security citing the grave suffering of our people in various parts of the country into high prices of basic commodities including water and food items” Dr. Elias said.

He said, “We confirm that we have been conducting research on the influence of the dollars that we are auctioning for the commercial banks to supply traders in order to import essential commodities and we have identified areas where there must be improvement so that this money goes to the right course of usage.”

Dr. Elias further said the President reaffirms his wavering commitment to implement the agreement of conflict in South Sudan in order to enhance economic recovery.

“The government has already undertaken a number of critical steps in the implementation of the peace agreement” he said.

Dr. Elias noted said the President is aware of the economic situation in the country.  

“……..the President recognizes the severe suffering occasions of the people by the continuous grave economic crisis that is costing unaffordable prices in essential commodities, the high upturn in various essential needs of the people of South Sudan” said the Cabinet Affairs Minister.

He said, the President also noted with concern the persistent and consistent increase in deterioration of economic situation worldwide in particular the decline in the oil prices which is the only source of income to the South Sudan at the moment.

He added that the President recognizes that it is not only South Sudan suffering from economic crisis but the whole world including Venezuela, Iraq, Nigeria, Brazil amongst others including very highly oil producing countries.

“This is not to justify the suffering of our people but to underline the fact that this is an international crisis that we are part of the world” he stressed.

“The most important part is that His Excellency the President has taken and directed the council of ministers to take important measures necessary to mitigate and alleviate the suffering of the people” said Elias.

He said the President directives includes; changes, regulation and monitoring and enforcement procedure for the dollars being auctioned to commercial banks.

“The task force that monitors and enforces measures for revenue collection is now tasked to continue with their duty” he noted.

The Cabinet Affairs Minister also said the president has also directed the purchase of sorghum and other essential commodities to supply cooperative societies.

“We have directed that the Ministry of Agriculture establish cooperative unions and those will be used to sell essential commodities at low cost” he said.

“This is our re-enforced measures to be taken to make sure these are to be implemented in order to alleviate the suffering of our people” Dr. Elia highlighted.

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