Four Vehicles Ambushed Along Yei-Kaya Road

Authorities in Yei on Saturday said 4 trucks moving from Yei to Kaya were ambushed by unknown gunmen around Yei River County’s Mugwo Payam.

By Modi Gilbert

YEI, 12 March, 2016 [Gurtong]-The gunmen looted properties including an estimated amount of about SSP 100,000 of passengers and one person was left injured.

Jeremiah Maker Nai, the police inspector for Yei River County and the Municipality said that the incident happened on Friday.

He said there were no fatalities.

“I got information from my police center from Mugwo that there were some unknown gun men who stopped vehicles, looted money and injured a woman” he said “when we heard of this information we organised  our forces and sent some to the scene, they brought the injured woman and she is now under treatment.”  

“According to reports the four looted vehicles were driven some meters into the bush and were freed” he added.

He called on the locals to provide the police with information during occurrences of insecurity in their areas.

Samuel Henry Malimbo, the Commissioner of Yei River County said the travelers who fell into the ambush were mainly business women.

“These are business women who buy food items from the markets and take them to Juba so as to help their families and the community of Juba” said Samuel.

 “They looted money about 100,000 SSP” he said “because others had 7000, some had 20,000; at lease each person had about 3000 SSP.”

He said that the County authority will hunt the perpetrators and will continue to provide security along the roads.

“We shall hunt for them and we have to as well tighten security along the roads because this is an important road that links us with Uganda” he said “up to now we don’t know where they have come from and who they are but our intelligences are still working hard to know.”

He adds “our security is in place; our citizens should not fear there is free movement on the road.”

This is the first of insecurity registered along Yei Kaya road.

Yei-Kaya road is the road linking south Sudan to Uganda.

This road facilitates transportation of various goods from Uganda to Yei, Maridi, Yambio Bahr-el-Gazal and other parts of South Sudan


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